Saturday, January 2, 2010

100th Post

This is my 100th post to the blog, a perfect number to roll into the new year.
We are home from our fantastic trip to our... home. We have two homes at this point- our original home in Goleta and our new home in Provo. The Provo one is bound to move but I consider it important that we consider it too a home of our own. Anyway- we are back in Provo.

We had such a lovely trip to California and enjoyed all of the time we had with family and friends. Some of my favorite things included...

1. Reading! Jon and I both are great readers once on vacation, I forgot how wonderful it is to jump into a good read. I might post about my books at a later time- I have some recommendations.

2. Eating at some of our favorite places. Hamburger Habit, the Palace, Blenders... it was so much fun!

3. Reunions! While visiting with my grade/middle/high school girl friends we happened to run into our first grade teacher! It was so coincidental and really made our small reunion perfect.

4. The weather. 'Nuff said.

5. The Van Wickle's trip to the Santa Barbara Historical Museum:

6. Seeing Jon hanging out with his brothers. He sure loves his family and that makes me so happy. I love them too.

7. Driving to the Long Beach airport and loving that ocean view in between Montecito and Ventura. It was breath-taking.

I would say our trip home was well spent and well needed. We are happy to be back to our small home and to be getting ready for our last full semester!

We celebrated our return by making these tonight:

The perfect ending to an excellent Christmas break! Happy New Year!


T-Ray said...

How cute is that! And I am so jealous that you got to be home in SB for so long. I really was missing it this Christmas.... I miss the Habit and Blenders a lot. Sounds like a good vacation. Happy New Year!

jamie hixon said...

Please post book recommendations! I need some.
This post made me officially miss home... I mean Santa Barbara... too. All your favorite eating places are mine too!