Tuesday, September 28, 2010

In Loving Memory

Willard Richards Tate
June 24, 1925 - September 28, 2010

What a great grandpa I had, I never heard him speak an ill word or have a single moment of contention. He raised 7 fantastic children who then gave him 46 grandchildren. He has left a positive imprint on the world with his posterity and with his life. He lived the gospel through and through and was a true follower of Christ.

It is such a blessing to know that families are forever.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I have been MIA in the blogosphere. Sorry to my friends, I still love reading about you life and seeing what you have been up to. My one week intensive class for my program sucked up my time, my sleep, and my knowledge of the outside world. But it was oh-so-worth it.

My one week, 8am-4pm, case presentation class allowed me to get to know the other students in my class as well as the instructors, learn all about ethics, culture, spirituality and the field of psychology, and get information on how the next two years of my life will be. We listened to lectures in the morning, got in small groups in the afternoons and spent our evenings trying to do all our reading and assignments.

But it was more than just normal school. In our afternoon sessions we started doing faux-therapy sessions with our class mates. Sometimes the issues were real (yet benign) and other times they were our friend's problems or things we made up. We practiced being the client and being the therapist. We listened and learned to "join" with our clients. By the end of the week we were being video recorded and doing 20 minute sessions with our delightful "clients."

This was far more than I ever would have expected out of one week of class. It took me far out of my comfort zone. And yet, there is only one quarter until we will actually meet with our first real client. So I guess my comfort zone has been long forgotten. That comfort zone hasn't been seen since last Monday so I don't expect it to come back now.

I feel quite official, being registered for fall and given access to the behavioral health clinic. This is my new ID:

And of course, my first owned copy of the DSM. The book with every mental illness and diagnosis currently recognized by the American Psychological Association. Sometimes I open up this book just to see if I have heard of the disorder:

And while I have been at class, Jon has been working incessantly to find a full time job. He has so many different things going it is hard to keep track of everything he has applied for. But he is a trooper, and is thoroughly enjoying working as a tutor. He is also developing a great method for studying and prepping for the MCAT.

He has been an excellent support while I have been at class. I would come home tired and worn out and he would listen to all of the things I've learned. He will probably have earned a degree in MFT by the time I am done- with how much I tell him about everything.

Now I have one week off- my plan is to read Mockingjay, swim, get some sun, enjoy my freedom and then get to work. I am excited for this new experience to begin- I am looking forward to more school and more learning. I feel like a different person (in a good way) from only one week of instruction and I am curious to see who I am at the end of these two years. Hopefully Jon will still like me (ha ha).

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have a really nice mother in law who gave us this table.

I also have a really nice husband who bought me these flowers, just because.

Which comes back to my really nice mother in law who bought us a gift card to trader joes and said we should buy some flowers for our table...

which ultimately lead to my really nice husband doing exactly what his mom said.

So really, I am thankful for a really nice mother in law who raised a really nice boy.