Friday, December 19, 2008


Jon and I celebrated Christmas this afternoon. Here are some of our highlights:

Drum throne coming out of the box! Thanks Santa Tate :)

Jon wants to study, and pack, and eat, and sleep, and play drums on the throne. Also check out his new digs- a great sweater and blazer from his wifey.

Jon got me an excellent pair of well-needed sunglasses! The ones we find are always too big for my face, so these were perfect!
We will be taking our last finals in about 2 hours, and we are soooo ready to be done!
Our evaluation of finals week:
Philosophy- excellent!
Nutrition- got what he needed
Anatomy Lab- ridiculous
Psychology- photo finish.. not quite sure if it means A or A- in the class (this means a lot to Jon, I would be soo happy with either! haha)
First Aid- difficult, we'll see what happens, he has a great grade in the class already
Anatomy Class- 2 hours way!! Just being DONE will be an accomplishment!
Human Development- 6 hours of studying did not reflect in the grade, but I'm hoping from some extra points added to secure me an A- in the class!
Strengthening Marriage and Family- ridiculous..
Family Recreation- fair, fun to do since it was a test on actual things that you learned (that is more rare than one might think)
Stress Management- surprisingly successful, 88%!! I hated that class, so that was amazing.
New Testament- 2 hours away! Hooray!

We are counting down until we get to go home, tomorrow! We can't wait to see family and cruise around our favorite place in the world. I am so glad we are from the same place, because no one can appreciate Goleta and SB as much as people who consider it home.
In the meantime, we will study hard, finish up, and then celebrate! Love you all :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Season!

Jon and I got matching PJs for Christmas time!

And Joy sent us an Advent calendar which is currently acting as our Christmas tree. We put our wrapped presents underneath it :)
We are looking forward to the Holidays!
We are anticipating finals, and we are glad this is our last week of classes.
Our TO DO list while at home:
- Spend time with FAMILY
- LOVE the weather
- one or some of the many: hamburger habit, in n' out, rustys pizza, kahuna, baja grill, etc
- surfing, maybe, if I can gain enough courage to try
- the beach
- sleeping in
- seeing old friends
- clebrating Christmas and New Years!

Love you all :)