Sunday, June 27, 2010


This week has flown by. I haven't even had time to see what all of my other blog friends are up to! So this post will be short, sweet and to the point.

After the lovely wedding, we packed up, got some sleep, and then and made the drive to California in one day. It was long but so worth it to be back so quickly.

This week has involved the following:
car washing
job searching
reading... and lots of it
visiting with family
sleeping in
walks on the beach
ward social
good food
yummy produce
Trader Joe's
and lotion... for our sunburns

We had a lovely open house last night for James and Jessica. It was so nice to see everyone from the ward- there is such a great feeling of unity here. It was nice to have James and Jessica around as well... it doesn't really feel like we've left them.

We are looking forward to the upcoming week. Believe it or not Jon has already gotten an interview! After only two or three days of looking. We are both a little stunned, I think we were expecting a longer summer. But the position is somewhat far from Loma Linda, and is with a marketing firm. It looks like an excellent first-time job, but we would have a lot to consider if Jon is offered the position. We plan on taking some time to see if this is really right for Jon.

However this opportunity takes to Orange County. For such a long drive we decided we better do something fun. We will be visiting some family, probably catching dinner and a movie, and the next day we are going to go to Universal Studios! Jon went a lot when he was younger but I've never been so I am totally excited!

I feel like I am totally out of touch with blogging since I have been in a whirlwind of summer- there is no routine for us right now, but that is ok, we are loving it! I will do my best to take pictures this week and keep everyone posted on what comes next for us.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

James and Jessica, Father's Day, and more!

Wow, what an excellent weekend! There were so many fantastic things happening all at once. I am glad that I have some time to count my blessings tonight and write out a few things I would like to remember about this time in our lives.

First of all, happy Father's day! To all dads out there, but most importantly to the two Richard's in our crew. Jon and I are so lucky to have such loving and involved fathers- they truly are an example of fatherly love. I am glad to know both of them.

Also, I promised a picture of my final project in my sewing class. Here is my skirt- you can't really tell but it is a little big in the waist, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out.

Of course Jon and I are sooo happy to be done with school! But we didn't even have time to think about it because the wedding festivities started right away...

First, on Friday we had a "Mormon bachelorette party," as Melanie so tastefully named it. We went and got manicures and pedicures, and went out to lunch with all the girls.

Amy, Lisa, Jessica and I.

We even convinced my mom to get a pedicure!

That evening we had the rehearsal dinner. James sang the sweetest song to Jessica and played the Ukulele. It was very sweet. Jessica, James and some family members shared some sweet messages. The dinner was yummy, the weather was nice and the company was great!

On Saturday we went to the wedding, which was beautiful and simple. It was touching to have such an intimate setting and remember what true love is all about. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the event itself. But Jon and I were in the wedding party, which was so much fun!

After the wedding we had a family trip to subway- in all our fancy clothes. It was funny, and really tasty. From there we went to the reception which was beautifully decorated. I can't wait until Jessica's photographer puts up some pictures. The best part of the reception was that everyone danced! It truly was a party.

I was so happy to see all of my family members and to enjoy such a happy event. I am incredibly happy for James and Jessica, they are so good for each other. And I feel lucky to be part of such a loving and growing family.

Tonight we are working on packing some more things in preparation for moving during the next couple of days. On to new adventures...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There are so many positive changes occuring for the Tate family in the next week. I am excited for all of it, and I am thrilled that I will be seeing my entire family this upcoming weekend!

But first... this past week.

Things are finally wrapping up for me, I am completely finished with my floral design class and I finished my final project in my sewing class. And guess what? I actually LIKE my final project. When I get it back I will post a picture. I think the entire point of that sewing class was to get me to the point where I make something that is actually wearable.

Jon took a test, did more labs, studied. He has three tests in this upcomming week. Heaven help him. THREE. One tomorrow, and two finals on Wednesday and Thursday. I packed up the refrigerator and cupboard with lots of brain food in the hopes that he can power through this week. I know he can do it, but everyday he talks about how he cannot see the end in sight. I know the feeling- its like you can't fathom how it will all get done, it seems impossible. But I know it will, and this week will hopefully speed by for him.

This weekend we had my two cousins, Nathan and Robbie over. We are similar in age and they both got back from missions a few months ago. They are taking spring classes as well, so we decided to have a cousin party to get a break from studying. It was so much fun to catch up with them. We had pizza and soda, played the wii and of course played a Tate card game. I am usually not a fan of card games (especially when you play with super competitive and super GOOD Tate's) but we played Nertz and I really enjoyed it.

I have no idea when my cousins got so TALL. It was great to see them, and it was fun to catch up.

Today my good friend Natalie and her husband Mark came over for lunch before heading back to Rexburg, Idaho. It was so nice to see them as well and see how life is going in the "real world" with jobs and such. They are such great friends and are often in similar stages of life as Jon and I so I love when we can get togther.

So overall this weekend was a success. Lots of hard work and lots of fun play time. Jon is already in bed so he can wake up at 4:30 to study.
Recently I found one of my old story books I had as a kid, so we have been reading them at night, it has been a total blast to remember these stories and read in bed. It feels nice to share a piece of my childhood with Jon. Tonight we read Aladdin, but in this version there are magic rings, lamps, magicians and it is set in Asia. Funny how the stories are different from Disney.

I am looking forward to the week ahead.

Monday: Last day of classes (I have my practical final in sewing and Jon takes a test)
Tuesday: Reading Day, no class. Mom and dad help Grandma and Grandpa move to Salt Lake.
Wednesday: Finals! I will take mine, Jon will take his lab final
Thursday: Jon takes his last final. My parents are in town. We move our furniture to James and Jessica's place.
Friday: Girls day with the family and rehersal dinner!
Saurday: Wedding!! I am so excited!

Our living room is currently filled with boxes, we are getting ready to sell some things on craigslist, and we are totally ready for this new chapter in our lives.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One. More. Week.

Technically, about one and a half more weeks. But only one full week of classes left. Wow. I am pretty sure Jon is getting totally burnt out- we have been running at full speed this term. It is difficult because I don't know that either of us will be super pleased with what we have to show for it (our grades) BUT, we both have learned a lot and grown as students.

This past week I got my skirt back in sewing. It really isn't super cute and I can't see myself wearing it so I wont post a picture. The fabric was frustrating to work with- there are quite a few puckers that make it unflattering. But I got a more decent grade than my last project. I also turned in a blouse- it looks like it was made in the 1970's. I am pretty sure the pattern is to blame.

I am already working on my final project (another skirt) and am about half way done. It has gone soo much faster this time and I think I might actually wear this project. Plus the skirt has pockets, one of my favorite things.

I also learned how to make a bridal bouquet in my floral design class. It was very fun to learn but I still need some more practice. My stock flower is kind of dying in this picture.. so pretend it is looking healthier to get the full effect.

On Friday our friends Ruth and Devin came over for dinner. We ate yummy, healthy food (since Ruth is 8 months pregnant!) and attended my cousin's comedy show. He did such a great job! It was an excellent break after a long week. We are really going to miss Ruth and Devin when we move.

I don't really know what to say for Jon except he is a really great sport. He still does the dishes, helps with the cooking, listens to me when I talk about my day, and everything else a girl could want. Despite all the studying he does.

We also took a trip to the local indoor rock climbing facility over memorial day weekend. Jon has got pretty hooked on the idea of picking up rock climbing as a hobby. I think he should- he is very dexterous when he climbs. He plans on going sometime when we are back home.

We are happy there are so many things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to see all of my family and attend James' wedding. It is going to be a total blast. It is nice to know we will be able to play hard after working so hard!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.