Sunday, June 6, 2010

One. More. Week.

Technically, about one and a half more weeks. But only one full week of classes left. Wow. I am pretty sure Jon is getting totally burnt out- we have been running at full speed this term. It is difficult because I don't know that either of us will be super pleased with what we have to show for it (our grades) BUT, we both have learned a lot and grown as students.

This past week I got my skirt back in sewing. It really isn't super cute and I can't see myself wearing it so I wont post a picture. The fabric was frustrating to work with- there are quite a few puckers that make it unflattering. But I got a more decent grade than my last project. I also turned in a blouse- it looks like it was made in the 1970's. I am pretty sure the pattern is to blame.

I am already working on my final project (another skirt) and am about half way done. It has gone soo much faster this time and I think I might actually wear this project. Plus the skirt has pockets, one of my favorite things.

I also learned how to make a bridal bouquet in my floral design class. It was very fun to learn but I still need some more practice. My stock flower is kind of dying in this picture.. so pretend it is looking healthier to get the full effect.

On Friday our friends Ruth and Devin came over for dinner. We ate yummy, healthy food (since Ruth is 8 months pregnant!) and attended my cousin's comedy show. He did such a great job! It was an excellent break after a long week. We are really going to miss Ruth and Devin when we move.

I don't really know what to say for Jon except he is a really great sport. He still does the dishes, helps with the cooking, listens to me when I talk about my day, and everything else a girl could want. Despite all the studying he does.

We also took a trip to the local indoor rock climbing facility over memorial day weekend. Jon has got pretty hooked on the idea of picking up rock climbing as a hobby. I think he should- he is very dexterous when he climbs. He plans on going sometime when we are back home.

We are happy there are so many things to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I can't wait to see all of my family and attend James' wedding. It is going to be a total blast. It is nice to know we will be able to play hard after working so hard!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


T-Ray said...

Pretty flowers. I love how much you guys always have going on. You guys are awesome. Seriously... Jamie and I were talking about what an awesome couple you guys are when we were together.

RobAar said...

Yay! You are almost done for the summer. Sounds like you are working the sewing machine quite well, Rach. I miss working with you and getting to talk all the time! I'm looking forward to seeing your posts about the wedding and Hawaii. Lucky ducky.