Sunday, November 28, 2010


There is so much to be thankful for. I sort of feel like Jon and I are at a point in life where we have hope, things are getting better, but we don't even know how blessed we are. Someday, maybe 6 months from now, maybe 6 years, we are going to look back at this formative time and say to ourselves, "oh why did we worry so much? It all worked out so well, that time was the start of all our blessings."

We are very excited for Jon's new job but of course we worry about making money and what we should expect from this company. This job has endless potential, we have talked a lot about not being afraid to be successful. We have a good feeling about this gig, so we are hopeful.

Thanksgiving break was well needed and very appreciated. We have such sweet families who love us. Before we left I asked God to help me see all of the blessings we have in our lives. I think our families were all we needed to see.

We left Santa Barbara with a trunk full of food, leftovers, some grocery and gas money, and we even got a vacuum for our sweet Aunt. Our families mean so much to us, it is humbling to see how much they do for us.

It was also nice to see friends over break, enjoy the familiarity of home, see Harry Potter (epic), get some work done, and watch adorable home videos from both our families.

I am also very happy Jon got to see these guys...

We are now totally ready to get the Christmas season started. We are listening to Christmas music this morning and talking about getting some decorations out.

Now we are going to get ready for church, today we are teaching our little kids that Jesus is their Savior. Doesn't get much better than that.

God Bless.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spreading Good Cheer

I know I haven't been a regular on the blogosphere, but I wanted to be sure to spread some good news.

Jon got a full time job! Hooray!

After 6 long months of searching, penny pinching, and frustration- something came up. Despite all of the networking, interviewing, testing and applications Jon had been working on, this job seemed to come out of thin air. He applied Monday, interviewed Tuesday, had a second all-day interview on Wednesday and got offered the job that afternoon. After all of that work to get a job it was almost insulting how quickly it went ;)

Jon's job is with a company called Business Consulting Solutions. They basically maintain smaller business for bigger business. Jon is in sales, he goes around to small businesses, see if they are happy with whatever product the bigger business offers, and then sees if he can find any promotions or discounts for them. If you're going to be in sales, this is probably the best kind, there are no lies or bad deals in the system. Also the company encourages a lot of progression and promotion- that helps mix things up and keep it interesting.

It seems like Jon will really fit in with this group and he is excited to get started. We both think he will be very successful. And we are both incredibly happy that a job has come his way!

I am proud of Jon for being so diligent during these last six months. He has kept himself busy, applied for jobs out of his comfort zone, really put himself out there for networking, and gained a lot of interview skills. Jon and I have learned a lot of lessons through this process. This is the tightest money has ever been for us. We didn't even realize how lucky we were in undergrad. That life seems extravagant now.

We celebrated last night by going to BJ's and fantasizing about what it will be like to not worry about money as intensely as we do right now. These ideas included things like: "maybe we will go to a movie every once in a while," and "maybe we will not be as afraid of strange noises from our car."

Yup. We are thankful Jon got a job.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween and other Crazy Things

Halloween was a treat this year- we thoroughly enjoyed going to church on Saturday for the "trunk or treat." We had a fun time seeing what the kids dressed up as and we sneaked two candies into each of our primary kid's buckets. They were shy on trunk-or-treat night but were hyped up about the experience during our class on Sunday.

I signed up to bring dessert for the dinner held after the festivities and couldn't resist making these owl-cupcakes. So cute!

Last week was incredibly busy for both Jon and I.

Jon had a job interview (yay!) and got called for another interview, which will be next week (yay!). We are praying that one of them comes through, both are exciting opportunities. Jon has also signed up to volunteer with the Ronald McDonald house by the children's hospital, and to be a volunteer at the hospital itself in the child life department. He is currently working on personal statements, the MCAT of course, some work for his dad, and his weekly tutoring (including studying SAT vocab so that he can tutor more subjects). He is definitely keeping himself busy! And he has proved himself to be a jack-of-all-trades.

Last week I had two midterms, a paper, and two quizzes to prepare for. I also had three interviews with clinical placements sites that I will start working with in January. The good news is that I feel I did well on my midterms and quizzes. More good news is that I have been offered placements at all three of the sites I am interested in. The bad (but still good) news is that I have NO idea how to choose, they are all amazing opportunities.

Jon and I are enjoying ourselves this weekend, taking it pretty easy. We are having some friends over for dinner tomorrow and are planning on making some delicious homemade pizzas (of course). We also are hoping that next week we will have some real news regarding work and placement sites. Please pray for us!

That about sums up what is going on at the Van Wickle's. Happy November!