Sunday, July 24, 2011

I am the proud new owner of this book:

However, Jon has hidden it from me. Hidden MY book somewhere in MY apartment (ok, our apartment). I have been dying to read this, it has been recommended to me repeatedly. But I have one last project to do for this quarter- 10 pages of my modality paper are due this Thursday. Then it is freedom. Well, freedom from classes at least. So I am going to be working extra hard to earn some escapism with this little gem.

In other news...
Jon got his first pay check!
And I made the deans list at school (Crazy, right?).

One more week until some serious book reading takes place, camping with friends, going to the pool in between seeing clients, cooking healthy dinners and taking care of me. And Jon. He deserves a couple months of good dinners and a clean apartment after a year of "can you help me out please?!" What a guy... (even if he does hide books from me.)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dear Blog,

I have not forgotten about you. Sorry that I haven't written on you for a while now. I miss reading what all my blog-friends have to say.

I really wish I could write you about all the things going on recently...
like how my one-week groups class was really intense
and how Jon is so happy to have his job but it is taking the school forever to get him on payroll.
I also wish I could write all about our fabulous trip to SB, and the three lovely couples we brought along with us.

Its too bad that my 3 classes (being done in 5 weeks) and my two 30 page papers are consuming my life. Not to mention my little fever I'm sitting with right now.

Nevertheless, we are keeping on. And of course, I haven't forgotten about you blog. Someday, I will get back to you.