Friday, December 19, 2008


Jon and I celebrated Christmas this afternoon. Here are some of our highlights:

Drum throne coming out of the box! Thanks Santa Tate :)

Jon wants to study, and pack, and eat, and sleep, and play drums on the throne. Also check out his new digs- a great sweater and blazer from his wifey.

Jon got me an excellent pair of well-needed sunglasses! The ones we find are always too big for my face, so these were perfect!
We will be taking our last finals in about 2 hours, and we are soooo ready to be done!
Our evaluation of finals week:
Philosophy- excellent!
Nutrition- got what he needed
Anatomy Lab- ridiculous
Psychology- photo finish.. not quite sure if it means A or A- in the class (this means a lot to Jon, I would be soo happy with either! haha)
First Aid- difficult, we'll see what happens, he has a great grade in the class already
Anatomy Class- 2 hours way!! Just being DONE will be an accomplishment!
Human Development- 6 hours of studying did not reflect in the grade, but I'm hoping from some extra points added to secure me an A- in the class!
Strengthening Marriage and Family- ridiculous..
Family Recreation- fair, fun to do since it was a test on actual things that you learned (that is more rare than one might think)
Stress Management- surprisingly successful, 88%!! I hated that class, so that was amazing.
New Testament- 2 hours away! Hooray!

We are counting down until we get to go home, tomorrow! We can't wait to see family and cruise around our favorite place in the world. I am so glad we are from the same place, because no one can appreciate Goleta and SB as much as people who consider it home.
In the meantime, we will study hard, finish up, and then celebrate! Love you all :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Holiday Season!

Jon and I got matching PJs for Christmas time!

And Joy sent us an Advent calendar which is currently acting as our Christmas tree. We put our wrapped presents underneath it :)
We are looking forward to the Holidays!
We are anticipating finals, and we are glad this is our last week of classes.
Our TO DO list while at home:
- Spend time with FAMILY
- LOVE the weather
- one or some of the many: hamburger habit, in n' out, rustys pizza, kahuna, baja grill, etc
- surfing, maybe, if I can gain enough courage to try
- the beach
- sleeping in
- seeing old friends
- clebrating Christmas and New Years!

Love you all :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jon and I are having a lovely Thanksgiving break.

Today we decided to make ourselves a Thanksgiving feast for two! I don't think I have ever cooked so much food in my life. I had to document this! Take a look:
Our dinner table.. all we had was a picnic tablecloth, haha

Jon digging in!
This year, Jon and I are thankful for:
-Our families :)
-The opportunity to get an education
-Job, home, food
-The tender mercies of the Lord
-That we get to go home for Christmas!
Jon and I have done our best to start creating a Christmas list for our relatives. We are still working on it, but if you need ideas go to:
Any lists you could provide for family members would be appreciated! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Halloween, Anniversary and Other Happenings

For halloween we made some awesome cookies (Thanks Joy!!):

Here are some of our finished creations:

We recently celebrated our 6 month anniversary!

Jon made me a 6 month anniversary cookie :) thanks Jon, so creative:

Also, I wanted to show the Van Wickle's a couple of the things I was able to get with my bday gift card.
Mocassins so I can be twins with Jon:

New winter coat!
Thank you soo much!
And thank you Tate's for the $$ to go toward our gym membership!
We are looking forward to coming home for Christmas! We fly in Dec 20th and will be staying until Jan 2nd. We cannot wait to see all of our family!
Love you all :)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jon and I have a new "niece"! Her name is Cali, and we go visit her as often as possible! Take a look:

She is soo cute! We love her little dress and hoodie. Thanks to Jessica and James, we get to play with her when we go over to visit them.

James, Jessica, Jon and I have been able to plan some fun acitivities. We went and visited Grandma Clara in Sandy, and went to Matt and Melanie's and played games. Melanie is so close to having her baby!! Last weekend we went to Allan Mount's LOL (laugh out loud) improv show. It was a total blast to see Allan as his funny self.

Jon and I have been going through some major changes at work. We cut down the office hours to 9am to noon, and have delegated a lot of the responsibilities. This leaves me pretty much off the hook. I was having a difficult time with the unavoidable confrontation with the tenants, and the stress of it didn't feel healthy. So our boss, our maintenance mangers, and us have found creative ways to make the business more efficient. And of course, absent of me (really my favorite part of it all).

Ultimately I truly believe these changes do make things more efficient, and that makes me happy too. It also makes me happy that Jon is sooo good at this job!!! I am so proud of him- right now he is the breadwinner of our little family :) we are happy that he is gaining so much experience and confidence in this field.

I will be looking for a more positive, uplifting job to help keep me busy in the afternoons. I am hoping to work with children or youth.

School is going well, we are half way done with the semester. Classes are busy busy busy, and we are spending a lot of time studying. I am happily doing much better in my classes this semester, and am enjoying them X10000 more! Jon is finding that anatomy is difficult, but he still enjoys it. He is also loving his management classes, and learning more about business.

We are watching in wonderment all of the chaos sorrounding proposition 8. I am hoping for a happy ending, and I hope it comes soon. There is so much hate sorrounding our generation's feelings on this issue. Even from Utah I read on facebook friends turning against friends, name calling, and hurt feelings. Jon and I respect others and their beliefs. However we still hold strongly to the definition of marriage that we uphold, the marriage we participated in, as defined as one man and one woman. God bless the people of California.

I apologize for the lack of update for a while, but know that no news is good news! We are doing well, staying healthy, and looking after each other.

I hope all of you have a happy halloween!

Much love.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

First of all, a special shout out to Grandma Joan!! I didn't even know you read our blog but I am so happy that you do. Thank you for the sweet birthday card!

Jon and I have been very busy this past week with our first exams of the semester. Between us, we had 5 exams (and we have 3 more ahead of us), and some additional big assignments. Even though it feels like a lot of studying, we have been very happy, and feeling good about our results.

My birthday was last Tuesday, thank you to family for sending lots of love and birthday wishes, it was greatly appreciated. Jon brought me home some beautiful flowers, the first flowers he has ever given me! I was so excited. Mom was in town for Grandma's surgery, so James, his girlfriend Jessica, Jon and I went to Sandy and met mom. We had a yummy dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. It was so nice to see family on my birthday, it made it feel like it was really special.

General Conference was this weekend, and it was as inspiring as ever. It is so neat to hear the prophet and apostle's words. You can't help but feel happy, uplifted and enlightened after hearing the simple truths of the gospel all weekend!
James and Jessica came over for this morning's session. We are lucky to have BYU TV, so we got to stay in our PJs to watch it. We made breakfast sandwiches and cinnamon-rolls (we like Elaine Mount's better!!).

Overall, we have had a busy but productive and happy week. We love being married and think that it's not hard- it's just worth it. We want our family to know that we are happy with our life together and we're trying our best to take good care of each other. We love you all! God Bless.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yesterday I had what I call a "quitting day", where I get really frustrated with work and bogged down by the people we interact with.
So today, Jon and I took the day off! We both slept in, spent the morning studying and getting ready. We then went to Golds Gym and signed up for membership. We held out.. so they took away our initiation fees, slightly lowered the monthly payments, and kept offering us things like free gym bags. We paid more than half up front, so that we don't have to worry about budgeting it in on a monthly basis.
We then came home and made some lunch, did a little more studying, and hanging out. We decided to go the gym for the first time this evening! Jon did cardio with me, and really felt the workout (as did I). I am scared to do weights with him! Then I'll be the one really feeling it!
After, we watched our new favorite show, House, and made a healthy dinner. And then.. of course.. we had to end the perfect day with the perfect treat! So we used the cold stones gift card Joy sent us (thank you!!!)
It was the perfect end to our perfect day:
Jon apparently wanted to show us the ice cream while he was enjoying it :)

Oh, and don't forget, we also got ZERO phone calls on the work phone! It was such a blessing. We feel ready to face the rest of the week.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jon and I spoke in church today. We were nervous before speaking, but felt great once it was over. I talked fast, but I'm pretty sure I was coherent. Jon spoke slower than I did (thank heavens) and did a great job!! Many people complimented him on his talk.

also, check out Jon's new suit!!
What a stud, thanks for helping mom!!

Also, ownership is being changed for Summerwood Condos! Meaning.. we have a new boss! Who has an accountant. Our old boss will still have a certain percentage of the units, but our new guy holds the majority. We are excited to have an accountant who will get the bills and deposits paid on time. More people means more organization, and these guys seem excited and motivated with their new investment.
For example, our new boss Vincent, said he needed all of the tenants email addresses. I said we could leave notices to get them from our tenants. He went out and made fliers and is raffling off an i-pod for the tenants who turn them in with their email's! Jon and I appreciate the enthusiasm of this guy.

Tonight Jon and I drove up Provo Canyon and picked a random drive off point.

It was really beautiful up there. There was an old train station, park areas, and still water ponds.This is a dark one.. but it its a happy one.

Friday, September 5, 2008

We have been to all of our classes!

Jon really likes his first aid class. On his first day the teacher passed around pictures of severed limbs and deep wounds to desensitize the students. Apparently those pictures will passed around each class period. First aid is set up to be very hands-on and user-friendly. Jon thinks the teacher has a really realistic approach to the class. There will be skill tests that are pass / fail, and if you fail you basically do it again until you pass.

My family recreation class seems like it will be really fun. The teacher has set up the class in how I feel I would set up a class.. so clearly it really appeals to me. Everything we learn in the class, she said, we will use again in our lives. We have lecture Monday and Wednesday, and Friday we take a weekly quiz (so no midterms) and then we will play different games that can be used as wholesome recreational activities for families.
I am also continually thrilled with my New Testament class. My teacher reads straight from his Greek translation of the Bible and refers to early-Christian writings that he has gotten to translate himself. He has a very scholarly mannerism :)

Jessica and I went to Lori's wedding reception on Thursday night. Unfortunately Jon could not accompany us because he was too busy looking at severed limbs that night. It was soo fun to see all of the family. I loved talking to Heather (Tanner) and Michelle. I also had a great talk with Uncle Charlie about photo-shop and digital photography.
Here are just a couple of pictures:

Lori looked soo beautiful! And was still her loveable tom-boy self, even in the big white dress.Jessica, Dave, Lori and I. (this is not my favorite picture of myself.. but mom really wanted to see my new haircut)

We are happy it is the weekend! I hope everyone has a good one!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jon and I loved having a 3 day weekend! We saw Indiana Jones and Hancock in the dollar theater on Saturday and Monday.

On Monday we were driving by campus, there is this beautiful pond, and we noticed a little huddle of baby ducks!! Soo cute.
There was good lighting so I took a picture of Jon's new haircut. Good thing you can't see the little nick I left from when the razor comb fell off! Oops, its tiny, I swear.

We bought most of our books and did all of our school business as well. We bought bus passes and figured out our routes. I had never taken the bus by myself before so the first day of school was an adventure. I think Jon and I were more nervous about taking the bus than our actual first day of school.

I had a good first day, only 2 classes. My strengthening marriage and family class seems really involved and I have an enthusiastic teacher. I think this class will relate to many of my other family oriented classes. My New Testament class seems like it will be really great, we're studying from Acts - Revelations. Our teacher is having our reading be done in the King James bible and any other translation we choose, to help in understanding the language and message of the New Testament.

Jon had philosophy and nutrition today. He is really excited for philosophy and is hoping nutrition will be more straight-forward than the ever-changing nutrition advice on the news.

We are excited to see how our classes go tomorrow, we will be sure to give you the rest of the update later.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am sorry it has been so long since we've written. We ended up working about 13 days straight! Sunday was a small break, definitely not long enough. We have learned so much in this short amount of time. It has definitely worn us down, but I feel like I've learned an important lesson through these difficulties.
I've always been a strong believer in optimism, but I have never so clearly seen people's lives be so altered by their attitude. Most importantly- if you expect everyone in your life to make things perfect for you, you will never be happy. This I've learned from the endless array of upset, teary eyed parents who think that dusty baseboards are unacceptable. In the amount of time it takes many people to tell us a complaint, they can simply pick up a small piece of trash or run a rag over a dusty desk and have it done. Then there are the optimistic tenants and parents who have every right to be irritated or annoyed, and instead leave us feeling sorry but willing to help. For example, there is a girl who moved into a room that had no closet doors. We said we would be ordering some new ones. A couple of days later she called us and asked if she could just drape some fabric, she thought it would look nicer that way. She was truly making the best of a not-so-great situation!

We have become tough as nails with ranting parents, but we've also been humbled and learned how beautiful things can operate when you treat others how you would like to be treated. The golden rule holds true in all situations, not just the easy ones!

Anyway, it was great to see so much family this past week. I thought it would be stressful to have mom visiting, but really it was such a blessing to have some light and happiness during a stressful time. I loved going to see all my aunts in Bountiful. And while Pride and Prejudice the musical was a little corn-ball, their voices were amazing, and we enjoyed ourselves.

Natalie came on Sunday night and we got to spend a lot of time with her. On Monday she had to hang around our office and listen to all our tenants problems. Afterward we went the creamery and got drinks. Then we went out to dinner with Emilie (another friend that we met at school in Idaho) and her boyfriend Nick. It was great to see them again.

Jon and I (but mainly Jon haha) worked 40 extra hours this week of maintenance. We worked an endless amount over for our regular job, but the maintenance we do gets us $10 an hour. We also get a bonus for being completely full for the fall! Our bonus will increase if we get all the rent in on time as well.

Our big highs are coming with some more difficult lows, but we're learning, and working, and really knowing what its like to rely on one another! I don't know that either of us could do it without the other.

Here is a picture of the family at Pride and Prejudice:

Friday, August 15, 2008

We are walking and living proof that all of your worst fears for move-outs can all happen in one day... but you can still make it!
This is partially for my own sanity, to go through these stories and laugh at them.
Here are just three of the wonderful events of the past two days:

One girl we thought was supposed to be moved out, but it turns out she had a contract through this fall and winter... and we had no idea. So we got completely full, with no more room left for her.
Solution: We were waiting for the last girl's contract to arrive on the day that this happened, and the mother called, and had not sent it yet. So yay! No agreement! We put this girl on a waiting list for if anything falls through.

A girl came in with her contract. Apparently her friend had signed a contract and was all set, but she hadn't got hers in. We were all full. She got really mad that we didn't reserve her a spot and left.
Solution: At first I felt bad, but then again, she had no agreement with us. I just put her first on the waiting list and told her friend we would keep an eye out to see if anyone fell through with their contract.

We have a guy who has been out of state for many weeks and has his stuff still in his bedroom. We had to move 2 girls in there today. We left many angry messages telling him he could not extend his lease and he needed to get everything out right away. He didn't speak very much english and we were always leaving messages but never talking.
Solution: We finally left a message saying we were going to throw out all of his things. He called back and is coming to get his stuff tonight.

Those are just a few of the situations that make my stomach churn. Luckily, everything ultimately works out.
Jon and I worked until about 8:30 last night and then nursed our tired and aching feet. What a day!

Today I had all of the cleaners, carpet cleaners, and keys organized so I was able to stay in the office. We had about 15 move ins today, so it was nice to be able to stay in one spot.

Anyway, were working hard, and waiting for when we can play hard!

Mom is coming up on Monday and were excited.
Natalie from BYU Idaho is coming next Sunday the 24th and is going to spend 2 nights at our place.
We're excited to see everyone!

Much Love

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jon and I are officially calling Summerwood Condos "temporarily full". This means a lot of people have reserved spots since there are so few left, and are completing their contracts and bringing in their deposits. Unfortunately, some of these people will fall through. So, we've created a waiting list, and we are looking forward to when we will be permanently full.

Jon and I are all registered for this fall, and are looking forward to our classes.

Jon's Schedule:
Entrepreneur Lecture Series
First Aid

Rachel's Schedule
*disclaimer* I have currently decided on my major being marriage, family and human development. I've been considering this for a while since it is a kind of focused sociology, which I love. The motivation behind this major is that I will get my masters in marriage and family therapy. Moving on...

Strengthening Marriage and Family
Family Recreation
New Testament
Human Development
Stress Management

Jon and I have set up our classes so that we can tag-team our job. I will being going to class 8:00 am - 11:00am. Jon's classes all start 1:00 pm and after, and vary on how late they go each day. This gives us 2 hours to switch off, which will be especially nice since we want to find a way to take the bus to school. It might even give us time to see each other in the middle of the day, yay!

Jon and I are currently waiting for someone to come in for an after-hours appointment, to get a tour and some information. They are 15 minutes late. So we are glad we had some time to update the blog!

Family- we are starting to think of how we are going to do Christmas. So once anyone solidifies any plans, we would like to know. We definitely plan on finding a way to be in Santa Barbara for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We have to work something out with our assistant managers, because one of us have to be in Utah pretty much at all times. So we'll update everyone when we know about flying or driving or dates, and please keep us updated too! Thanks :) love you guys

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today I had the divine privilege of telling a Hawaiian that his daughter would not be getting her deposit back. First this man questioned by ability to confirm his daughter’s nullified deposit. Then when I told him that I could not (and would not) do anything to change it, he mocked my position as manager based on the fact that I would not take responsibility for his daughters lack of refund. So I politely bid him aloha, and suggested he say aloha to his moolah as well. Luckily this winner lives in Hawaii, so I don’t have to worry about him popping in to bombard me with any more of his twisted logic.

On the Upside, Summerwood Condos is over 90% full, he Civic has five new tires, and we got paid today. So Life is good.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jon and I have been trying to think of the best ways to decorate our home, with things that are meaningful, we like, and don't cost us a ton of money!

Its somewhat of a catch 22, we definitely need our home decorated since we're guiding tours through it all the time.. but we haven't gotten paid (we get our check tomorrow). And of course- the better our place looks, the better it sells!

So we really needed some wall art, and we love the look of canvas photography and paintings.. but when we looked around online and at the stores they cost a lot more money than we wanted to spend. So we decided to make our own!
Here are our finished products:
The one above is Jon's! He had made a similar doodle with pen and ink on paper, and put the same idea in paint.

This one is mine. It looks a lot cooler in this picture because the background looks yellow.. really its just off white.

As we've been finishing off our music / hangout room, we decided we needed some super comfortable seating. Love sacs are expensive, but we found a brand that is the same concept but about half the price. It's called a monster sac, check out how big it is! We've been keeping it in our living room all weekend because its so comfy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jon and I are happy to report that before Monday morning, we figured that we were 2/3 full. By the end of today, 3/4 full! About a 10% increase in 3 days. We can't wait until we're entirely filled up so we can prepare for the 4 days of checkouts, cleaning, carpet cleaning, and maintenance- before all of the new tenants move in. Kendall and Mallory, our maintenance and cleaning managers have been the best thing that has happened to us! I don't know how the past managers even did it, there is so much that can fall through the cracks, and this couple helps us keep everything up-to-date. Last Saturday we went with them to see Dark Knight, they were great to have as company.

I'm proudly becoming a tough cookie! In only a matter of days :) I've happily threatened evictions (and not allowing tenants to re-sign), gotten tough on people with pets, charged late fees for not coming in with their late rent when they said they would!, and getting strict about contract rules. However, Jon is still the bigger man, and is taking all of the angry deposit phone calls for me. He has a good talent at being kind but not letting down his guard, and has the ability to take the tough comments and not let them get to him.

Unfortunately our bad smells in the kitchen area have not dissipated. The smell seems to move around.. and now it almost seems like its coming from the oven. The smell is haunting us. The carpet cleaners are coming next Tuesday, hopefully they can help us out!!! (moms, if you have any ideas why in the world there would be a move-able smell that we think is cat pee, but cannot identify, please let us know what to do! thanks)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today was Rachel and my first day flying solo. Finally being able to take the reins gave the both of us renewed vigor to make our new place seem more like home. Rachel decided that we should purge the office of excess flowers, candles and an archaic, non-functioning computer, while I decided to purge the living room carpet of the mephitic cat pee. As a result of our ambitions, I spent nearly two hours with the Bissell carpet cleaner scrubbing the corners of the stained carpet with the fervor of someone who despises the scent of urine as an accompaniment to a nice dinner. After work, Rach and I went to Target and bought a proper stand for our television, and printed out four wedding pictures to put in our frames.

We finished off the evening with gourmet s’mores , the ingredients for which came in a package from my thoughtful mother. The smores were excellent, made with Trader Joes Cinnamon graham crackers, organic dark chocolate, and vanilla marshmallows, toasted slightly over one of our office candles.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It has been a while since we've written, but we have been very busy! Our new job keeps us active from 10 am to 4 pm, truly never a dull moment. Jon and I appreciate being busy and feel a lot of success from the work we get done. However, we are never even close to finished by the end of the day! And while we're glad we've had a couple of of weeks to train with the past managers, there are now too many cooks in the kitchen. While we wish they hadn't left us with some problems, we hope things will smooth out in a couple of months. In other words: we are looking forward to the day when the people who are mad at us are actually mad at us for things we've done. Every day we have a new story, I wish we could tell them all.

Last night we had a double date with James and a new interest of his. We went to Trafalga and played some mini golf and arcade games. Then we did "iron chef" where the couples are given an ingredient for a dessert and can't spend more than $7 to make it. Our ingredient was marshmallows, so we made our own rendition of s'mores. James and his date made a weird version of rice crispy treats. We found its funner to be creative rather than make something totally delicious. It was a fun night.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Move-In Day!

We were told on Friday, at midnight that we wouldn't be able to move in on Saturday. We were all packed up and were tired of having the date pushed back, so we convinced them to let us move. We started packing the U-haul at 2, and were all moved in at about 8pm. Seeing this empty moving truck was the best feeling in the world!Our muscles were super tired by the end of the day, as were we. We celebrated by going to CPK and using our fantastic celebration gift card! (thanks Joy!!) It was just what we needed at the end of the day. We also needed to get groceries to get through Sunday, so we went and just got the necessities. Then we plunked down for some deep sleep. However, before 6am I woke up to the thought, "did we ever take in the groceries??" I woke Jon up and we had to go out and get them. Luckily our items survived. Haha
Bethany, Brandon and baby Chandler stopped by on their long trip to Oregon! We loved spending some hours with them on Sunday, and it was really fun to cook for the first time in the condo, with them there as company.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last weekend Phyllis and Kathleen came to visit us and take us out to dinner. It was so fun to learn about their history with Joy and Ruth, they immediately felt like family. They took us to Tucanos and I was happily surprised when they helped themselves to plenty of meat, and felt totally comfortable in the high energy environment. We soon learned their father was a meat cutter- no wonder! :)

Jon got to help out Dr. Moore at a chiropractic both at a health fair this Monday. He learned how to do posture analysis, and learned a lot about different schools and the philosophy behind chiropractic medicine.

We've trained even more this week, and have been rolling our eyes at all of the rude people. A lot of kids come in expecting a 5 star resort and complain that the kitchen is too small, or ask how new we are when we ask the manager a question. We just swallow our words because they look around and soon realize that is by far the best housing for UVU students, and it is sooo much better than the other places around here. Certainly better than any other student housing I've lived in! We also had someone who was mad because there was a $3 charge for putting his deposit on his card. I believe thats pretty standard.. but we offered to refund his $3. (but I plan on explaining he should always expect that with rent or school) Just amazing the little experiences we're having :)

We've been told we can move in on Saturday *cross your fingers* The carpets are getting cleaned in the morning, so they'll be ready that afternoon. We are getting so excited, especially since we will be showing off our own condo to the prospective residents. This gives us an excellent excuse to decorate well, and really make it feel open and home-y. We feel truly blessed.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jon and I have been talking a lot about improving our "look". We've made a pact to not tell anyone at our new job how old we are.. in the fear that they'll think they have an upper hand by being older than us. Thus.. we bought Jon some new sneakers that aren't skate shoes, look more dressed up, are still comfortable- and they were on sale!
Here is a picture:

And of course I couldn't resist looking.. I got a small clutch for a great price as well!
It was a fun evening, and buying something for ourselves feels like a real treat now. We had a good time :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jon and I have been enjoying training this week. We've been learning all the tricks of the trade; like telling people there are only 10 spots left- so they'll hurry and sign a contract. Its been really fun to learn all of the new things.
The managers left Jon and I in charge for a couple hours today, we took some silly pictures during a slow time. Here is our new office!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Jon and my pops :) we love them

Tomorrow Jon and I start training at summerwood condos. We're pretty excited, and Jon is definitely looking forward to getting some work to do. We're hoping we get to move in on Saturday.

go ahead and watch our favorite commercial:

we like it :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today Jon and I walked down to the Little Italy on 300 south. We got the most delicious gelato. Jon got cookies and cream and I got mint n' chip.
(PS I did not take this picture! I just googled it, sorry for the misconception!)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

property management

Jon and I are very excited, yesterday we got a call from Trevor Woolf, the owner of Summerwood Condos and he said he wanted to meet with us. We were worried, trying to prepare how to best sell ourselves- and we felt positive he was calling back other couples as well for interviews. We were happily surprised when we got there, the current property managers invited us into their home and kept saying things like, "if you get this job, we can leave this table and these chairs for you" and "if you get this job, you can start moving in, in late June". Then the owner came, and told us all three of them unanimously decided that we were the ones for the job. He said we were young and there were other couples with much more experience, but he got the feeling from us that 1. we would take pride in our work, like it was our own and 2. he can trust us. We are very happy and know that there is higher power involved. He had received our thank you email, stating that we really desired to work as a team so we could both finish school. We kept praying that his heart and mind could be expanded to consider and understand our solution. And thank heavens he did! We stayed and talked with the three of them for nearly 2 hours as they swapped stories and laughed. We can tell that this owner has a very big heart and will really be there to help us out. As Jon said, its really rewarding to have a complete stranger choose you and trust you with something so important and sensitive.

take a look at the website, you can see pictures at:

We are looking forward to training next week, and moving in in about 2 weeks.
I, however, am not looking forward to telling that to my current boss today. It is for the best, but I've never quit a job.

Jon and I met with 3 other couples from church last night for family home evening. We played cranium for a long long time, and then called it quits. Jon and I amazingly came in second place, even though we were probably the least competitive couple.

Good things are happening for the Van Wickle's :)

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