Sunday, April 29, 2012

March & April

Hi Blogging Friends.

I realize that I haven't written in the past two months. I know no one was in tears over this, but if I go long enough without writing I know my dedicated readership of Grandma Joan and my mother would be sorely disappointed. So this post is for you, ladies.

I've decided that since my friends are so incredibly wonderful, and are regular bloggers.. I would rely on them to tell you some of the things we've been up to in the last couple of months.

Natalie would like to tell you all about their trip to California to visit with us here.

Brenda would really like to show you some wonderful pictures of us making Easter cookies right here.

And both Erika and Brenda would like to tell you about our March madness winners dinner and epic game night here and here.

Thanks to my seriously amazing friends- they really do account for all of the fun and interesting things we do. We are thankful for each of you. And we also had fun doing each thing they wrote about!

A lot has been happening these past couple of months. I wasn't feeling very motivated to blog and I realized its because we have had some disappointments and stressors recently. So I've decided the only way to really break it down is by the good, the bad, and the ugly.

1. The Good

-I have passed my final oral presentation for graduate school. I had been nervous about it for weeks, months even! It included what turned out to be an 85 page paper (well two papers, combined into one), as well as an hour and a half long presentation where I discussed theory, my experience as a therapist and showed video of me doing therapy to try to prove that I've learned something. And then it ended with reading a vignette and having 7 minutes to create a treatment plan, diagnose, come up with referrals and some other things. I am seriously so relieved that it is over. It is like I am living on a different planet where you get to read books for pleasure and you don't think about the papers you should be working on over the weekend.

-Jon is working super hard in the lab and is enjoying it. He is working toward some publications (hopefully). While he is sad that his co-workers are all leaving it likely means that he will be the #1 guy in the lab. And his supervisor seriously likes him.

2. The Bad

-Jon did not get into Loma Linda medical school. This was majorly disappointing and not expected. Based on a lot of various circumstances we were both feeling really confident that he would get in. Unfortunately this was not the case. We have mourned over it the last couple of weeks but we are feeling now like it was meant to be. Which turns back into the good...

[sub heading: the good]

-Jon has signed up for an MCAT class! He is going to retake the MCAT sometime in July. He is a studying fiend. He comes home from work and gets settled by about 6 and then studies until 10 or 11 at night. I wish I could say I was kidding, because I really miss hanging out with him. But I am also incredibly proud- he is doing amazing.

3. The Ugly

-Our car, Willy, has been stolen. Yup. Stolen. Right out of our parking spot in the middle of the night. We live in a pretty safe area of Redlands, in a gated community. No, our insurance does not cover it, we do not have comprehensive insurance. Yes, we are totally bummed.

It was stolen on the morning of my big graduation presentation no less.

Right now we have the Tate's sweet van. I was embarrassed by it in high school and now, six years later, I am showing it off to my friends. It is seriously a wonder that it is still alive.

Good bye Willy... here is the only picture I could find of him (with us getting into our car on our wedding day):

Well that sums it up for now. Even though we have suffered some losses in the last couple of months it feels like we are becoming especially resilient. There is a lot to look forward to so we are still hopeful and optimistic. God is good and has blessed and comforted us through these trials. I also feel like I have experienced an outpouring of blessings recently, which helps even the score... and there is something about going through trials that makes you grateful for the things that are going right in your life. Our trials have been so small compared to what is out there. We have our families, our friends and each other. All is well.