Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jon's Birthday!

Jon had a wonderful birthday! Sorry I have not posted this sooner, but I have yet to request all the pictures.

On Sunday morning Jon got to open some presents.

Here he is with his new sunglasses and the wii!
Opened in a true frenzy of excitement:
playing the wii in his pj's:

The morning was relaxing a lovely. We went to church, and after had Ruth and Devin over for Lasagna, Cesar salad and homemade french bread with sparkling cider. Ruth and Devin brought their wii games and controllers to play with us. Later James and Jessica came by, and we all shared some "better than anything cake". It really was the perfect day!
The next weekend Rick and Joy came to celebrate with Jon and I! Pictures to come later, and documentation of their wonderful visit.
Thank you all for your love, Jon was a happy camper on his big day :)

Domestic Me

So I am no domestic goddess, but I have been enjoying some new projects.

My dear friend Emilie from BYU Idaho is getting married on April 16th. I was unable to go to her shower in Idaho, but luckily she had another one at home, in Lehi, Ut. Jon handed me some cash while he went into Best Buy, and let me roam free in Michaels Crafts. This is close to my dream come true.

Anyway, this is what I put together for Em's gift...

I made her a book of cookie recipes, with some pages for her to fill out on her own when she finds some favorites. Luckily I had found a wedding-themed magazine earlier that day that made for some fun decoration. The mini-book was pre-made, I just put it together with the images and recipes.

I also made her a bouquet.. with flowers and baking utensils. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, all the colors are so bright! There is a plastic whisk, measuring cups and spatula in the bouquet. (I had seen this done differently elsewhere, but I improvised to make it simpler)

The project all put together with a recipe box and coupon holder (a bit of an inside joke). I enjoyed myself making this.

Also, I have decided to make healthier meals for Jon and I. This has become easier with the discovery of the Sunflower Market in Orem! It is like a grocery store style farmers market with amazing deals on produce, where everything is organic and yummy! I have looooved buying fruits and veggies there the past two weeks. Here are some of our delicious new favorites:
New Favorite Dinner
Lettuce Wraps- sooo easy!
ground beef or chicken
soy sauce
water chestnuts
bean sprouts
(you have these things, you're set, anything else you add is just making it yummier)
Stir Fry them all together!
and then of course, a head of lettuce.
Favorite Breakfast / whatever meal
Yummy Eggs (yes Jon actually likes eggs in this form)
red peppers
eggs (anything more than 2 eggs per person, start only doing the egg whites)
New Favorite Snacks
1 cup soy milk
4-6 whole strawberries diced or even frozen
optional- up to 2tbs sugar. you really don't need that much, and none is often just as good!
Whole Grain Pita-Bread and Garlic Hummus
(Jon's an addict)
1/2 a pita is a serving, and since it is whole grain its super filling
the garlic hummus is pre-made at the market and is delicious!
**A note to my doubters. I know many of my family and friends are reading this with dropped jaws since I am the PICKIEST eater they have ever known. Let it be said, I have found a new love for the following items: red, yellow and orange peppers!, garlic, onions, raisins, nuts of all sorts, and soy milk (but only in the chocolate or strawberry form!) There are other things as well that I can't seem to remember at this time, but it is officially documented.
basically just strawberries with cool whip- whipped cream. But still, so delicious.
My mom would be proud...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our New Home!

We have officially lived in our new apartment for 1 week. We refuse to be in the "unpacking" stage for too long, so we have been working hard on the weekends and when we have free time to make our place look great.

Summerwood was partially furnished, so we had to make some new purchases. A dresser, table and chairs, and a desk. We feel like this new apartment is so homey, and we are loving how it is coming together.
Take a look at some of our pictures! Our kitchen and living room are near the "finished product"!

The Kitchen:
Our new table and chairs that we just put together tonight:
Part of the living room:

Another part of the living room:

The desk in the corner of the living room (can you believe I put that together almost all by myself??):

Well things are looking good. It is 12:05am, so technically, the first 5 minutes of Jon's bday! We are all set to celebrate tomorrow and post more highlights later. Love you all!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have moved!
Saturday morning some men from our ward came over to help us, which was soo great. One of them even had a large truck and trailer, so we has $0 cost with moving! It was definitely an easy move. We got everything out and in within two hours. We worked all day, we bought a new desk and a new dresser which we spent time assembling. And yes, I did assemble the desk, I know its hard to believe. But it was super easy and "no tool" assembly, haha. Jon spent a good few hours putting together the dresser which was much more meticulous.
We didn't stop unpacking and organizing until 8pm. That was 13 hours of working! We fell asleep about an hour later.. unfortunately we didn't know how to turn on the furnace so we were freezing through most of the night. Luckily we found some space heaters, and we let the sunshine come through all the windows today.
Anyway.. we went to our new ward today which seems very very big. The church is almost right across the street which is even closer than our last one, what fun. There seem to be a lot of young couples so I am sure we will meet people quickly.

Well I have included a few pictures of our going-ons. We are so excited because we have a spacious kitchen and living room, and a real bedroom!
But.. our bathroom..
well its tiny.
Perhaps the smallest bathroom you have ever seen? haha take a look:

This is basically how it has felt ALL weekend, and believe it or not, this is a huge improvement from Saturday:
Our bedroom full of boxes, which luckily Jon is tackling right now:

Jon is now hammering our guitar hangers into the wall.. I hope our new neighbors appreciate our late-night endeavors, oh well!

Well this will be a crazy week, but we are so happy to be in our new place. It feels very cozy, and is starting to feel more and more like home. We love each other, we love our family and our dear friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

We will be moving sometime this week!
The couple who's apartment we are moving into are waiting for their loan to fund, which will be sometime between Monday and Thursday. Hooray!

Our living room is currently housing many flattened boxes, and some that are already packed. We are looking forward to our new place and our new beginnings.

At the same time however, we are still on the job search. We are seriously grateful for good parents who taught us how to save our pennies! We are going to pay 6 months rent as soon as we move in, so that we can still have enough savings to get by, but we do not need to worry. What a blessing!

We are sooo excited that mom and dad Van Wickle are coming in a few weeks for Jon's birthday! We are hoping this spring weather will continue, so that they can see more than just snow.

Today was my last Sunday teaching the 7-12 year old primary kids music. It was the perfect day to end on. They were sooo excited about memorizing the books of the Book of Mormon, and were really reverent when they sang their songs about Jesus and the ressurection. I am glad I got to teach for a short time, even though it was out of my comfort zone. I am sure I will get a chance again someday! Who knows where we will be asked to serve in our new ward.

Other than that... there is no news. But no news is good news around these parts. God bless and happy Sunday!