Sunday, March 8, 2009


We have moved!
Saturday morning some men from our ward came over to help us, which was soo great. One of them even had a large truck and trailer, so we has $0 cost with moving! It was definitely an easy move. We got everything out and in within two hours. We worked all day, we bought a new desk and a new dresser which we spent time assembling. And yes, I did assemble the desk, I know its hard to believe. But it was super easy and "no tool" assembly, haha. Jon spent a good few hours putting together the dresser which was much more meticulous.
We didn't stop unpacking and organizing until 8pm. That was 13 hours of working! We fell asleep about an hour later.. unfortunately we didn't know how to turn on the furnace so we were freezing through most of the night. Luckily we found some space heaters, and we let the sunshine come through all the windows today.
Anyway.. we went to our new ward today which seems very very big. The church is almost right across the street which is even closer than our last one, what fun. There seem to be a lot of young couples so I am sure we will meet people quickly.

Well I have included a few pictures of our going-ons. We are so excited because we have a spacious kitchen and living room, and a real bedroom!
But.. our bathroom..
well its tiny.
Perhaps the smallest bathroom you have ever seen? haha take a look:

This is basically how it has felt ALL weekend, and believe it or not, this is a huge improvement from Saturday:
Our bedroom full of boxes, which luckily Jon is tackling right now:

Jon is now hammering our guitar hangers into the wall.. I hope our new neighbors appreciate our late-night endeavors, oh well!

Well this will be a crazy week, but we are so happy to be in our new place. It feels very cozy, and is starting to feel more and more like home. We love each other, we love our family and our dear friends. I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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T-Ray said...

So glad you found a place and had help moving! That is so great. You will have to post more pictures when you are all settled in and have everything decorated. :o)