Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hello Summer

Ahh, summer. No class, working on papers, seeing clients, going out in the sun, swimming, studying occasionally, soo nice. Here is what we have been up to lately.

1. I finished The Help and loooved it. I have not seen the movie yet, but I intend to. I highly recommend the book.

2. Jon and I went camping at Point Mugu with some friends. We had so much fun making foil dinners, playing games and sleeping right by the beach. The next morning we had french toast and checked out some rock climbing areas.

Morning after sleeping on the beach:

Me with Claire, my friends adorable baby:

Rock climbing:

Jon and I then decided to surprise our parents and drive home for the weekend. It was so great to see them and just hang out at home.

3. The following weekend we went home again so that I could get together with my good friends from elementary school. Jon also planned a fun surfing day with his dad.

It was SO amazing to see these girls, I seriously have the smartest and most accomplished friends.

Rachel R: going to Boston to teach students at a charter school who are very behind their grade level.
Christina: working at a huge non-profit based in LA that helps a variety of populations, does event planning and grant writing.
Madi: going to law school at the University of Virginia, starting this fall.

4. Jon and I have been keeping ourselves busy. We are trying to take up tennis, but currently we are really bad! It is still fun to learn something new together.

Jon has been staying very busy at work and is liking his job so much.
I am trying my best to stay productive with the school work I should be getting done this summer.

We are looking forward to enjoying the rest of the summer and all that comes with it.