Friday, May 29, 2009

Date Night

Jon and I do our best to have a date night every weekend, preferably Friday. I like this because it usually means I don't have to cook, and it is a good tradition to help strengthen our marriage.
Tonight we went out to dinner at Brick Oven, a pizza and pasta place only a short walk away. We then decided to make truffles, since we had never made them before, and walked to the store to get some supplies. (lovely weather = walking everywhere possible). We soon realized that the truffles were going to need to chill, so we watched a documentary while they did.

I highly recommend what we watched, it was called Shakespeare Behind Bars. It was about prison inmates that go through an educational program in which they learn and perform a Shakespeare play. Many of these men have committed heinous crimes, but when you watch them you realize they are so easy to relate to, and similar to yourself or people you know. It was very eye opening. If you have net flix, you can watch it online.

After it was over we coated our delectable treats. They vary with: cocoa powder, powdered sugar, sprinkles and coconut. We get to try them tomorrow- hope they're as good as they look!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Weekends and Cupcakes

Jon and I had a delightful three day weekend. It was a well needed break from work and school. In the morning we went on a run up Bridal Veil Falls, it was such a beautiful drive I couldn't resist taking pictures! It was also the perfect day for a run.
Later that same day we headed to the park to try out our new Frisbee. We put out a blanket, Jon fell asleep and I read for class. It couldn't have been more perfect.
It was the best way to spend the day- outside! If we ever told you Utah was ugly or terrible we take it back! This has to be the prettiest I have ever seen it.

Today we decided to try out the Sweet Tooth Bakery in Provo, since I had seen it advertised on some of my favorite blogs. We came right before closing and they gave us a free cupcake, so I figured I should advertise them too! What beautifully constructed and yummy treats. As some of you know, Jon and I enjoy making candy together, so we are always interested in checking out bakery's and candy stores. (as well as for their deliciousness!)
Jon is about to go home teaching, and I am going to start dinner. We are already half way through spring term- can you believe it? It is definitely flying by! When it comes down to it, we don't mind not having too long of a break from school, because the job opportunities really aren't that tempting. So what do we have to loose? We are having a great time!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Sunday!

Please note my adorable new Blog Header. There will be many more designs to come.

Here are some random things we have been doing lately..

On Saturday morning Jon and I went to help "build houses". It was with a company called Rural Housing Development (RHD). It is a really neat organization. RHD helps build a number of homes in normal neighborhoods (not low income). It is to help low income families purchase a home- they pay for the land, and the materials, but all of the families involved help build all of the homes. (For example, the community in Payson had about 7 homes being built through RHD, all 7 families help with each of the homes). They create a sense of community, and get to know their neighbors, no one even moves in until all of the homes are finished. Volunteers, contractors, electricians, etc also help in the process. The home buyers also learn new skills through the building of the homes. As far as I can see, it is a total win-win situation.

After we got home Jon and I decided that we wanted to soak up some Vitamin D and read. I soon realized that I already got a little toasted while volunteering this morning. Oops. Don't worry, I put sunscreen on it before we got some more sun!

Today we had a great day at church. We are doing some laundry and kicking back at the time being. This morning we gave Jon a haircut. It was more difficult this time because he is trying to grow it out on top! I was so worried, but we think it turned out pretty good:

Also, last weekend we decided it was time to buy a BIKE. Jon works at 7am across campus. Normally, we walk to campus since it is so close, but Jon's group meets up by the MTC. That can be a 25-40 minute walk from our house, so he was taking the car every morning to make it on time. It was time we finally invested in a second form of transportation. Thus, our cute new little bike:

All in all, life is good here in Provo. The weather is more beautiful than ever, and Jon and I are in constant wonder of how to get more of it! Where is the beach!? Hopefully the park will do it for us, for the time being. Maybe we will need to invest in some seven peaks passes! It opens this Saturday. We have never been there, anyone know if it is worth it?
Hope you all are enjoying your Sabbath day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

No News is Good News

My title comes from the often quoted words of my mother.

Here are my random and I suppose most recent updates:

Jon and I thought taking a couple classes in the spring and working 20 hours a week would be relaxing. We were wrong. The classes go twice as fast, but that still means twice as much work.. and with limited time, we are feeling the pressure. However, we both are optimistic about our performance this term.

Our house is clean. And it has remained so since last Saturday. Does this say more about how busy we are, or our habits? I'll leave it up to you.

Also, to get the point across.. I bought 5 cans of progresso soup today. Thats how awesome my cooking has been for the last couple of weeks. (I redeemed myself with mexican pizza's tonight)

Really, we are incredibly blessed, since this has been the first time in our marriage that we don't see each other on an average 8am - 5pm. We have been quite lucky. And I would rather have this now than at the very beginning of our marriage. We still manage to have a good time. In fact, on Saturday morning, we are going to go help build houses through a school volunteer program! I will be sure to post how that goes.

I know this hasn't been much of an update.
But I am off to write yet another paper.
Love you all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank you friends and family for your well wishes on our anniversary, we appreciated it! We had a wonderful day: made a yummy breakfast, had a good work out, went to see a movie, and ended the night with a nice dinner.
I made Jon this "ice cream cake roll", and thought it looked so good! I had never made it before, but I think its a hit:

yummm delicious
On another note: we are praying for your all back in Santa Barbara, fighting off the Jesusita fire! We hope that the firefighters can stay safe, as well as the families and people of SB. We love you all!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy One Year Anniversary!
What a wonderful and happy year it has been.