Thursday, May 14, 2009

No News is Good News

My title comes from the often quoted words of my mother.

Here are my random and I suppose most recent updates:

Jon and I thought taking a couple classes in the spring and working 20 hours a week would be relaxing. We were wrong. The classes go twice as fast, but that still means twice as much work.. and with limited time, we are feeling the pressure. However, we both are optimistic about our performance this term.

Our house is clean. And it has remained so since last Saturday. Does this say more about how busy we are, or our habits? I'll leave it up to you.

Also, to get the point across.. I bought 5 cans of progresso soup today. Thats how awesome my cooking has been for the last couple of weeks. (I redeemed myself with mexican pizza's tonight)

Really, we are incredibly blessed, since this has been the first time in our marriage that we don't see each other on an average 8am - 5pm. We have been quite lucky. And I would rather have this now than at the very beginning of our marriage. We still manage to have a good time. In fact, on Saturday morning, we are going to go help build houses through a school volunteer program! I will be sure to post how that goes.

I know this hasn't been much of an update.
But I am off to write yet another paper.
Love you all.

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