Sunday, March 29, 2009

Domestic Me

So I am no domestic goddess, but I have been enjoying some new projects.

My dear friend Emilie from BYU Idaho is getting married on April 16th. I was unable to go to her shower in Idaho, but luckily she had another one at home, in Lehi, Ut. Jon handed me some cash while he went into Best Buy, and let me roam free in Michaels Crafts. This is close to my dream come true.

Anyway, this is what I put together for Em's gift...

I made her a book of cookie recipes, with some pages for her to fill out on her own when she finds some favorites. Luckily I had found a wedding-themed magazine earlier that day that made for some fun decoration. The mini-book was pre-made, I just put it together with the images and recipes.

I also made her a bouquet.. with flowers and baking utensils. I was pretty happy with how this turned out, all the colors are so bright! There is a plastic whisk, measuring cups and spatula in the bouquet. (I had seen this done differently elsewhere, but I improvised to make it simpler)

The project all put together with a recipe box and coupon holder (a bit of an inside joke). I enjoyed myself making this.

Also, I have decided to make healthier meals for Jon and I. This has become easier with the discovery of the Sunflower Market in Orem! It is like a grocery store style farmers market with amazing deals on produce, where everything is organic and yummy! I have looooved buying fruits and veggies there the past two weeks. Here are some of our delicious new favorites:
New Favorite Dinner
Lettuce Wraps- sooo easy!
ground beef or chicken
soy sauce
water chestnuts
bean sprouts
(you have these things, you're set, anything else you add is just making it yummier)
Stir Fry them all together!
and then of course, a head of lettuce.
Favorite Breakfast / whatever meal
Yummy Eggs (yes Jon actually likes eggs in this form)
red peppers
eggs (anything more than 2 eggs per person, start only doing the egg whites)
New Favorite Snacks
1 cup soy milk
4-6 whole strawberries diced or even frozen
optional- up to 2tbs sugar. you really don't need that much, and none is often just as good!
Whole Grain Pita-Bread and Garlic Hummus
(Jon's an addict)
1/2 a pita is a serving, and since it is whole grain its super filling
the garlic hummus is pre-made at the market and is delicious!
**A note to my doubters. I know many of my family and friends are reading this with dropped jaws since I am the PICKIEST eater they have ever known. Let it be said, I have found a new love for the following items: red, yellow and orange peppers!, garlic, onions, raisins, nuts of all sorts, and soy milk (but only in the chocolate or strawberry form!) There are other things as well that I can't seem to remember at this time, but it is officially documented.
basically just strawberries with cool whip- whipped cream. But still, so delicious.
My mom would be proud...

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jamie hixon said...

Heck, I'm proud, and I'm not your mom. Nice work!

PS I love hummus, but Dan hates the smell of it. It is quite a dilemma for me.