Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jon's Birthday!

Jon had a wonderful birthday! Sorry I have not posted this sooner, but I have yet to request all the pictures.

On Sunday morning Jon got to open some presents.

Here he is with his new sunglasses and the wii!
Opened in a true frenzy of excitement:
playing the wii in his pj's:

The morning was relaxing a lovely. We went to church, and after had Ruth and Devin over for Lasagna, Cesar salad and homemade french bread with sparkling cider. Ruth and Devin brought their wii games and controllers to play with us. Later James and Jessica came by, and we all shared some "better than anything cake". It really was the perfect day!
The next weekend Rick and Joy came to celebrate with Jon and I! Pictures to come later, and documentation of their wonderful visit.
Thank you all for your love, Jon was a happy camper on his big day :)

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T-Ray said...

How fun! Happy Birthday!