Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good News Minute

I have random various things I want to blog about.. and I have been trying to decide how to do it... and thus have been avoiding blogging.

Anyway, here is my random information.

First: Jon and I got jobs! Yay!
I am currently working as an office assistant / reference assistant in the Harold B. Lee Library. I am in the social sciences / history / education department, soon to be linked to economics and management. I have had one week on the job, and so far, so good. It is amazing that I am now learning how to do all of this research.. I should have known this years ago!

Jon has gotten what we think is a seasonal job working on the grounds- as a high window washer. A little random we know, but it pays way better than most on-campus jobs. They haven't started yet because they are waiting for the weather to clear up. We are not quite sure when that will be??

We only have TWO DAYS left of classes!!! I have been busting my booty this weekend because I have a lot of projects due. Jon is cool and calm since he is just waiting for finals.

I will soon post
A. pictures from Joy and Rick's visit
B. pictures from the Brett Dennen concert we went to last weekend, loved it!
C. information about Van Wickle ancestry that I found today in the Family History Library in SLC! Very interesting!

And.. to add to my random note.. Natalie and Mark got engaged!!! This pretty much is the best news ever, since Natalie is one of my very best friends, and Mark is such a nice guy! We are very happy for them. They are currently on a trip in Boston (they got engaged while there). We are picking them up from the airport on Thursday and all going to Emilie and Nick's wedding (another amazingly wonderful couple, and good friends). I am looking forward to seeing my Idaho friends there. Hooray!

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