Sunday, April 12, 2009

Visits and Concerts

Various Pictures..
sorry that I don't have more of the Van Wickle's visit! It was a blast- we went to a comedy show, out to yummy resturants, Jon and Rick went snowboarding, and Joy and I got manicures and walked up to Bridal Falls, couldn't have been better :)

Here is a picture of the outside of our 4-plex, cute huh?

Jon and Rick getting ready to snowboard at Sundance!
Brett Dennen Concert- we went with James and Jessica. It was a last minute decision, but were sure glad we did it.
Brett Dennen has very optimistic / happy music. He does NOT look like you would expect, here is a picture of him:

Us in the concert:

Outside the concert.. I think we waited out there for an hour because it was general admission, only to find out it was a standing concert, haha, but it was worth it for good spots

So happy! We have fun! Brett's bus is behind us.

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T-Ray said...

FUN! I love concerts AND visitors. Sounds like a good time.