Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our New Home!

We have officially lived in our new apartment for 1 week. We refuse to be in the "unpacking" stage for too long, so we have been working hard on the weekends and when we have free time to make our place look great.

Summerwood was partially furnished, so we had to make some new purchases. A dresser, table and chairs, and a desk. We feel like this new apartment is so homey, and we are loving how it is coming together.
Take a look at some of our pictures! Our kitchen and living room are near the "finished product"!

The Kitchen:
Our new table and chairs that we just put together tonight:
Part of the living room:

Another part of the living room:

The desk in the corner of the living room (can you believe I put that together almost all by myself??):

Well things are looking good. It is 12:05am, so technically, the first 5 minutes of Jon's bday! We are all set to celebrate tomorrow and post more highlights later. Love you all!


T-Ray said...

Looks cute! Glad you are getting all settled in.

jamie hixon said...

That looks great! My apartment has never looked that good all at once.