Monday, May 31, 2010

End of May

This week for my floral design class we made boutonnières and corsages. We get extra credit if we wear them out in public and/or give them to people. Jon was a good sport for our date night and wore a boutonnière:

We also got the waiter to wear Jon's and keep it on the rest of the night.

On Sunday the weather was clear and nice, so we went on a walk past the Provo library. I think this building is so pretty... and the sky looks perfect.

And then to pump ourselves up for the next few weeks we made our JUNE calendar. I seriously couldn't be more excited- so many good things to come!

Only one full week of classes left. Wow. We can't wait for our classes to be over, to go to James and Jessica's WEDDING and then to move back to California! We don't really know what we will be doing for the summer yet, but we are looking forward to family, beach time, yummy fruit, HAWAII in July, and sun sun sun.

We are happy to have today off from classes, but Jon has still been working hard. For my floral class we were given an assignment to go to the local cemetery and look at all the flowers. Our teacher said people go all out on Memorial Day in Utah County- she really wasn't kidding. It is not only for veterans but nearly everyone who has died, it is a total celebration of life. It was really amazing to see such a community effort to celebrate Memorial day. I am really glad I got to see this- it really helps me remember what this holiday is all about.

This is only one small section of the cemetery, it goes on and on with flowers:

There were so many beautiful decorations and floral arrangements:

My favorite were the Tongan decorations. It looks like they put forth so much effort for these grave sites, it was really beautiful:

We are going to go the gym and get a movie for the evening. Back to work in the morning! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

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T-Ray said...

Love that you wore the flowers out on your date. So cute. And I also think the Library is a beautiful building AND I can't wait to go to the cemetery when I get back to Provo.... because I know how amazing it looks with all the flowers and I want to try and get some pictures. Love your pics.