Sunday, May 23, 2010

*Whew* I cannot believe another week has flown by. This term has been a bit of a roller coaster for Jon and I- I think it is hard to get into a new routine so rapidly and yet for so short a time. Here is what has been going on recently at our house...

-Jon is still studying like a mad man. He has been saying that after he finishes this course he is pretty sure he can do just about anything. I think he is right- if this is any indication of how medical school might be some day, I think he will be very successful.

-Jon quit his early-morning job today because of the demands of his school work. With only four more weeks to go, we are set financially. School has always been our number one priority. We are pretty lucky we have been able to work and go to school successfully until now.
I am happy for Jon. And I am happy for me. I know it doesn't mean we will be spending tons of time together now, but I am looking forward to small luxuries. Like being able to go to bed at the same time, and waking up at the same time, and having the evenings together. Yay.

-I finished my pajama pants for my sewing class. They are pretty simple, but they are done! It really feels like an accomplishment. I didn't get an awesome grade on them, but I don't care, they're still pajama pants to me!

-This is the latest floral arrangement I made. This class is much easier for me, I really enjoy arranging flowers and the basic elements of design that make them look nice.

I loved watching the tulips open- they are so beautiful and vibrant!

I would say there is not much going on, but that isn't really true.
Things have been sort of crazy around here, especially today.

For the sake of journaling, I want to document what Jon and my day looked like:

**NOTE: The testing center is a building on campus where people can go take exams during times that work for them. It is basically one large room with lots of chairs. This is necessary to really appreciate what Jon and my day was like.

May 24, 2010

4:30am Jon goes to work.
7:30am I wake up, study, go to class.
8:00am Jon starts classes.
9:00-1:00pm I'm in class.
1:00-1:45pm we are both studying but in different places and don't know it.
2:00pm I go to the testing center to take an exam, Jon closely follows, but we don't see each other.
3:00pm I talk to my mom.
3:45pm I fall asleep...oops
Jon is still taking a test. I don't hear from him.
5:30pm I wake up and realize I have to go take another exam RIGHT NOW, because the testing center closes at 7pm.
5:45pm I am in the testing center, but once again do not see Jon.
6:30pm I am done with my second exam of they day and call Jon to see where he is. In the time I turned off my phone and went into the testing center, he had finished and left (his exam took 4 hours). He is at home.
6:35-6:50pm Jon and I say hi, talk about our days, I drive Jon back to campus so that we can talk longer.
7:00-9:00pm Jon is in a review session for his organic chemistry test.
9:00-10:00pm I am at the gym for the power pump class.
10:15pm I go say goodnight to Jon who is sleeping. He tells me I smell like the gym. I laugh. Its been a long day.

Bottom line: I am not sad about Jon quiting his job. Not sad at all.


Melissa said...

I love your recent floral arrangement- it's beautiful! And your pj pattern is adorable. :) Yay for Jon quitting his job for your last few weeks- that is such a blessing that you're financially set for him to get a break and spend more time with you. :)

Brandon and Bethany said...

busy, busy, busy! I love the idea of the "day in a life".. except mine would be much less interesting!