Saturday, January 23, 2010


One year ago (tomorrow) Jon and I got sealed in the Los Angeles temple for time and all eternity. This means that while we had already been married civilly, we made the commitment to be married for eternity. It was a very spiritual day for us and one that we worked hard to get to.
Today we decided to commemorate the day by attending the temple here in Provo. Keeping with tradition- we forgot our temple recommends. Yup, that's right, last year when we got sealed we made it all the way to the SLC airport, ready to fly to LA to go to the temple, and forgot our recommends. (A special shout out to Kendall and Mallory who saved the day!). Anyway, luckily this year our recommends were a mere ten minute drive away. The temple was peaceful and calm and helped us remember where we come from and what our goals on this Earth are.
We are happy that we are together forever.


T-Ray said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a great one to celebrate! :o)

Nicholette said...

You guys are awesome going to the temple for your anniversary! Happy Number ONE!

Carissa May said...

Yay! Together forever. I told you I would post on your blog. this is me!