Saturday, January 16, 2010

On the menu this week...

Jon and I have finally gotten in the good habit of planning our meals. This is working out well for us, causing us to be healthier and in the long run saving money- since we only buy the things we need.

Here are a few new favorites I will definitely be cooking again (and featuring some of my favorite cooking websites / blogs):

Pulled-pork sandwiches- so delicious, so easy, a great one for nights we don't get home at the same time
Stuffed Bell Peppers- new healthy favorite, there is another variation I would like to try next time
Chinese Chicken Fried Rice- this is the best recipe I have found thus far, I loved it

For this week, we will be making some fun things:

1. BBQ chicken pizza with whole-wheat crust
2. Sun-dried tomato pasta salad
and 3. Turkey burgers (I probably wont follow this recipe exactly, and I have never tried it... I'll have to let you know how it goes)

Just so you believe we're still busy: we will also be having some not so exciting things this week. Such as: tacos, soup, etc.

I am enjoying cooking and think I have progressed in the last year and a half. My taste-buds have certainly grown up a little (I know, no one thought they would ever see the day!). I like that Jon is willing to help me and willing to eat whatever I make.

ps- don't forget about dessert! This weekend we are going to try out our new kitchenaid ice cream maker attachment and make mint-chocolate chip ice cream, yum!

Have a great three day weekend everyone!


Brandon and Bethany said...

I got a kitchen aid attachment too! I'm going to call brandon right (I sent him to the grocery store) now and tell him to buy the stuff the ice cream! thanks for the reminder :-)

T-Ray said...

Cooking is fun I think. It is a good idea to plan out meals before hand though. Very smart... I should try that.