Sunday, January 10, 2010

1st Week of School

Ah. So we have survived our first week of school. Honestly- nothing excites me more than a well organized syllabus. The details of the next 14 weeks are clearly laid out and you can know what to expect, at least in the academic world, during the upcoming semester. Some things I did not anticipate before seeing my syllabi- difficult and intensive classes. I know- what was I thinking? I anticipated an easier semester, but I was wrong. I will be plenty busy. But that is ok, a lot of the time, just the right amount of "busy" is what sparks my best work at school.

Meanwhile, Jon and I feel blessed that he was able to find a job the FIRST week of school. We started stressing about it a few weeks before school ended, all during finals, all during Christmas break, as soon as we got home... (you get the picture). It is an early morning custodial job, from 5am to 8am, Monday through Friday. If you think we would be unhappy with these hours, you would be wrong- only I was unhappy, and only for a short time. Jon is willing to sacrifice so much for the two of us (I seriously considered telling him not to sacrifice THAT much!) and he really wanted this position since it is the only thing that works with his schedule and that will take him despite him only being here one semester. So, he starts Tuesday and we are trying to get ourselves on a new sleep schedule to allow Jon enough rest.

Also- Jon had his first time shadowing a doctor in his medical shadowing class. He got assigned (for the first half of the semester) to shadow an allergist and asthma specialist. Jon walked away saying, "I would really like to be a doctor." Even if he does not desire to be an allergist, I think this is a great response. He will hopefully get something even more in line with his specialty interests in the second half of the semester.

This week felt like a whirl-wind but now, in the next two weeks, I feel confident the dust will settle. We will adapt to a new routine and struggle to remember what it was like to have two weeks without homework. This will be our last winter semester as ungraduates! We are looking forward to the journey.

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Courtney and Ben said...

Haha. No, I wasn't at the gym. Good thing you didn't say hi to the other "me." :) Sounds like you guys are having a great time with school. Seriously, enjoy it while it lasts because life without homework is nice, but I definitely miss BYU. Happy New Year, Rachel! We need to have a little "reunion" sometime soon!