Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our friends and family! Here are just a few of the lovely highlights of our vacation (so far):

Christmas with the Tate's on the 19th. It was so nice to have everyone together, no matter what day of the month it was.

Jon enjoyed playing with our new game- Wii Fit. It was a hit with the Tates and the Van Wickles!

We have totally been enjoying the weather! Even we sometimes forget just how nice it is here.

And of course we've been having fun with the Van Wickle's. Jon loves spending time with the boys. This is from a hike to lizard's mouth.

Today we opened presents at Jon's and went to a movie with my parents and Amy. So far, so good. We are so thankful we have another week to soak up the sun and play with the family! More updates to come. Hope all of your Christmas' are just as delightful.

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T-Ray said...

Merry Christmas! Sounds like you are having a great one. Wish I were in Santa Barbara too... but the weather is pretty nice is AZ. Oh.... and I love Lizards Mouth. Great view!