Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas at our place!

FIRST- because Jon and I are so sad we couldn't be there and SO happy for this person: JAKE! Congratulations on graduating from Cal Poly!!! We hope it was amazing and can't wait to hear what comes next for you.

SECOND- we are DONE with finals! Sometimes I feel like I live life counting down- just until the weekend, just until this exam is over, once this project is finished or once the semester wraps up. I try to be happy and find the joy in the process but there really is a positive and uplifting feeling about wrapping up a semester. It is like you have accomplished something, progressed forward and now you can look back and appreciate it. Really, this semester has had its ups and downs, but I loved my time and it flew by!

THIRD- Jon and I had the perfect ending to our semester. Here is what we did today.

We went to our "final" for English where we watched 11 presentations. As interesting as these topics were- it got old real fast.

Then we got to go to the temple.
ok so this wasn't a good part of our day but it is true: Satan made us get in a fight. ANY time we go to the temple something big happens and changes our plans or we get into a "nothing fight." Meaning really- the "fight" is about nothing. Jon quickly pointed out we must be doing some important work at the temple to cause us to have a nothing fight. We made up quickly after that.
The temple was perfect, peaceful and I felt truly relaxed and happy. You always come out of the temple feeling cleansed and renewed.
The Provo temple kind of looks like a cup cake:

View of the sunset from temple grounds:

We then went out to dinner at GoodWood. Yumm. We even got dessert, which I really shouldn't have done but I did anyway. It was delicious.
I realize this picture is kind of dark, I didn't want to use flash in the resturant. It also makes it look like Jon doesn't have a hand:

We ended our evening opening our Christmas presents to each other. I got Jon's watch fixed so he can finally wear it again and got him a new belt. He got me a blow-dryer and a pyrex pan. Seriously, I know it sounds lame, but those gifts were perfect for me. Things I really needed and didn't want to buy myself- also, completely practical.

Jon snoozed off while watching the Dark Knight and I went to the gym. I am trying to get off my work out high so I can get some sleep. Tomorrow we go to work, pack up, and head home! We sure are excited to see everyone.

One last thing, today I made little thank you notes for my professors and supervisor who wrote me letters of rec. I like how they turned out- simple but personal:

Up next: California Christmas Adventures

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T-Ray said...

I wish I were going to Cali for Christmas. You guys have so much fun! Looks like you guys are already having a blast.
P.S. I never thought about the temple looking like a cupcake... but now that you mention it....