Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Has Arrived

Please notice our new blog header for April- it is decorated in celebration of graduation. Which is just around the corner.

Recently we have been happily involved in James and Jessica's plans for the wedding. My cousin Melanie and I are hosting a shower for Jessica the same weekend of graduation, solely for family members. I am so excited for this event, I think it will be a lovely opportunity for everyone to get to know Jessica.

I have also been designing James and Jessica's wedding invitations which is a total blast. I am considering making it a "side business" if I can improve my skills (and get faster at what I do), I am enjoying making things that fit people's style. James and Jessica are easy to work with as well, which is helpful.

This past weekend Jon and I went to James' apartment which he has decked out in a nice black-and-white (with a little red) theme. Since Jon has so much good experience painting he helped them with a stripe they wanted on the wall, he did a great job.

And he worked really hard while we all watched A Knight's Tale on TV.

What a trooper.

Jon and I have also started to read together again. I got Jon four books for his birthday, and one we were both looking forward to was Percy Jackson and the Olympians, the Lightening Thief.

We had heard such good reviews about it, so we have been reading a chapter a night (Ok, maybe sometimes we stay up and read two). It has been so much fun. It has a very Harry Potter feel to it, but with its own angle. We are right in the midst of the action right now and it is always hard to put it down.

While it is March 31st (Happy Birthday Joe!) and supposedly spring, it snowed a little bit today. The rest of the day was overcast and rainy. Initially I was upset our good weather went away, but I am thankful for the moisture- because I want everything to be in bloom for graduation. Spring is one of the most beautiful seasons in Utah, I am really looking forward it.

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T-Ray said...

I love the new header... you always have cute ones, so go figure you would be able to create wedding invitations. You go girl! Can't wait to see how it turns out. You are so talented.
I also love the stripe in James's place. Good idea.