Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 minutes

These past two weeks feel like they can be broken down into 15 minute segments of relaxation. Today, for example:
15 minutes to eat breakfast and check my email
15 minutes to eat lunch/dinner with Jon on campus
15 minutes to blog

I don't mind so much. Being busy in good and productive things is rewarding. I recently heard someone say something along the lines of, "peace of mind doesn't come from inactivity but changing activities."

So I thought I would write a little update regarding my Loma Linda interview. The interview itself went really well, it was intense and unlike any interview I have been in before. Three hours of group interviews, with three different faculty members. It wasn't about your accomplishments or things on your resume, it was more focused on who you are, why you are good for the field and the school, and how you plan on being successful. It was nice to hear what other students had to say and I appreciated insights from the faculty.

Some things I loved about LLU were:
-the campus, it was very charming
-the area, it seems newly developed and all the hills were green from the rain
-the faculty- they were very kind and personable
-the program options- I like the idea of a medical family therapy certificate
-the fact that mom and I only had to travel 30 minutes to visit my brother Joe
-the good reputation of Loma Linda in the community, state, etc.
-the moral standards of the school

The only thing I don't love? The tuition.

It was a great experience interviewing with Loma Linda and I feel lucky that I had the opportunity.

This week will be busy busy busy. Jon and I leave Thursday morning to go to Santa Barbara. We are excited to visit our hometown, our family, to celebrate Jon's birthday and for me to have one more interview.

I will interview with Cal Poly SLO on Friday (as well as Santa Barbara scholarship). I am interested to see the differences in the two programs. I feel a lot more prepared and comfortable with the idea of interviewing after already going through the process with one school.

Thanks for all of you who have thought good wishes or said little prayers. They have helped!

coming soon: Cal Poly interview, Jon's birthday, Goleta adventures

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T-Ray said...

I'm glad it went well... good luck with your upcoming interviews.
Hearing about your life makes me want to stay a lot more busy then I am. Keep it up all the hard work.