Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Here Goes...

Tomorrow I fly out for my first interview. I am nervous, but excited. Sometimes I think I am made for this, other days I have no idea why I am even trying. But this is where life had lead me so far and I am going to make the best of it.

Many of my friends have already been accepted into programs (I find myself feeling jealous of them, not because they got in, just because they already know!). They, as well as my professors, explain how important it is to feel like you have a good "fit" with a school. My friends say they just know- they know they can work with these people for the next two years, they feel comfortable there, their areas of interest line up, and their general beliefs are respected or agreed upon. "Fit" sort of feels like an elusive concept, but I hope I experience it, or that I know it when it comes my way.

I will say one thing I immediately like about Loma Linda is their slogan, "to make man whole." Beautiful. They are well-known for their education in health related fields. I like that too.

It is difficult to think beyond Friday afternoon- but I will not be resting easy after this interview. I will fly back to Utah that night, get home pretty late, and teach a workshop in the morning. Myself, as well as a group of three other wonderful girls will be teaching it. We are not sure anyone will come, but are excited nonetheless. It is for a class called Family Life Education- we have spent the semester creating a curriculum for a program and now we get the chance to present it to the public.

Our topic is on conflict in marriage. Our main goals are to normalize conflict as well as give people the skills necessary to feel more confident and better equipped to handle conflict.
I hope it will be enjoyable and someone will learn something from it. As an instructor I know I have benefited from learning the ins and outs of the research behind marriage conflict. (For example- did you know that a healthy couple, outside of conflict situations, give 20 positive messages to their spouse for every negative one?)

This is the logo I made for our group.

I am going to try to ignore the butterflies in my stomach, get some things done to prepare for tomorrow, and get some good sleep! Wish me luck...


T-Ray said...

Good luck on your interview Rachel!

Carissa May said...

Seriously, you are Wonder Woman! ?Good luck, and I'll see you on Saturday.

Brandon and Bethany said...

good luck!