Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Birthday Weekend

Ah... time is flying by. It feels like I just blogged- but it has already been a week. I haven't even changed the white-board calender in our kitchen to March, and we are more than half way done. And then to top it all off- we only have four more weeks of classes! Though I must say, I have no objection to those weeks flying by. So. Close.

This latest weekend trip to California was excellent. Jon got to come with me, and we celebrated his birthday while were there. It was perfect timing, perfect weather, and a really wonderful trip.

We managed to...
-see the ocean
-Jon went on a scenic bike ride
-lie on the hammock (my personal favorite)

-get sun burnt
-eat yummy food
-sing happy birthday to Jon

-get thrifty's ice cream (chocolate malted crunch rules)
-see our friends
-see many of our family members (best part!)
-wear shorts and sandals
-and we actually did homework this time

Overall, a complete success.

I also got the opportunity to interview with Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation and Cal Poly.

Here are some of the things I loved about Cal Poly...
-beautiful area!

-so close to home
-people from a lot of different backgrounds in the program
-2 quarters of training before traineeship
-on-site practicum for therapy

I am a little concerned about feeling like I fit in at this school- I love the people and Cal Poly itself. Perhaps it is just me not being used to the world outside of BYU. I am sure the Lord will guide me to where I can be influenced for good as well as do the most good.

So that is the status of things right now.

As fast and crazy as things feel, I still really cherish these moments. We are making our future. And while I would like to know what that future will look like, I am enjoying the process of getting there.

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T-Ray said...

So relaxing. I'm jealous... oh how I miss California and the warm sun. Glad you guys had fun. :o)