Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Verdict

I've been meaning to blog the "big news" but I've put it on the back burner while I've posted it all over facebook and called and text messaged my family and friends.

So here goes...

I have been accepted to Loma Linda University!

I am so excited to be accepted to this school, in my mind it has always been the top choice. They have an excellent marriage and family therapy program, it really feels like a privilege to be accepted.

Meanwhile, I was wait listed at Cal Poly as #6. I really have no idea if this means I am likely or unlikely to get a spot. I really love Cal Poly, it is a great institution, I also feel lucky to have gotten the opportunity to interview with them.

So... now it is time to ponder, pray, meditate, punch the numbers and consider the options. After a good talk with my parents I feel up to the challenge, whatever it may be, and am excited to continue in my field.

With all the excitement it has been somewhat hard to focus on the school I am attending right now. Only two more weeks and two more days of classes. A total of 27 days until graduation. We are at the home stretch! I am so excited to graduate and it is really starting to hit me- four years have gone by and we are done!

In honor of my soon-to-be graduated self, I registered for the spring classes I will be taking. Mind you- I don't need any more requirements to graduate, I am just taking classes so I can continue to work while Jon takes an extra course. I registered for floral design and basics of clothing construction. I think those will be the perfect spring courses for a recent BYU grad.
And Jon will be taking o-chem. So really, I will need something to entertain myself while he hits the books each day.

It feels like a lot of things are being tied up nicely with string right now. Acceptance letters, finishing semester projects, winter is coming to a close, and we will soon be graduates. There is a lot to look forward to!


Brandon and Bethany said...

HOORAY! We are so proud.. like it's our accomplishment at all?

T-Ray said...

Congrats! I love that you are going to be taking fun classes this spring! You will have to blog about what you learn!

jamie hixon said...

CONGRATS. You are amazing.