Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter family and friends. What a beautiful holiday. Sometimes I wonder why Easter doesn't get as much attention as Christmas, in many ways Easter is as important (if not more so). At least in terms of Christian beliefs. But part of me is ok with the fact that the holiday is lost on people. Because I think that is kind of the point. Easter is a holiday for those of us who believe Christ still lives. It is more than a celebration of birth, it is a celebration of the supernatural and divine experience of resurrection. Don't get me wrong- I love Christmas and all that it means, but Easter has a very special place in my heart spiritually. I know Christ lives, and it is through his resurrection that we all can have eternal life.

There is really no better way to celebrate Easter than watching general conference. If you would like to read or listen to any of the sermons given by our dear church leaders, click here.

Conference was well needed after Jon and my weekend. I did a lot more homework than I've done over a weekend in a long long time. Jon studied his brains out for his molecular biology test tomorrow. And we still have two and a half more weeks to go! But its ok... because today we planned the perfect break. It actually has a bit of history for us. Let me start from the beginning...

During my freshman year of college I had a roommate who loved some fun bands I had not heard of. One of which, was OK GO. Ok Go has this hilarious music video where they did a "backyard dance." I thought this was ingenious and shared it with Jon, while he was in school in San Diego. Later that year OK GO gave a FREE concert at UC San Diego that Jon attended because of me and my roommate's love of this band. The concert was on the last day of classes his freshman year, right before the start of finals. He thought they were fantastic live- and since then has purchased and listened to their music continuously.

OK GO is most well known for their fun and creative music videos. See examples here, here and here. (The last two are the same song but two different videos for it).

Well, as it turns out, OK GO is coming to Salt Lake City. And they are coming on the last day of classes, right before finals start, our senior year of college. It just seemed to good to be true. We are anticipating that it will be the perfect break after all our final projects are due, and right before we hit the books for finals week.

This little concert has lifted our spirits for the weekend. And we are looking forward to attending next week.

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T-Ray said...

I totally agree with you about the Easter Holliday. Love it. And Conference was AMAZING!
Oh ya, and I love OKGO and their music video's. Awesome. The End.