Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graduation, Bridal Shower and Spring Term

Well it looks like Jon and I were able to go out of BYU with a "bang." Jon stressed over molecular biology all semester; the tests were difficult, the class was hard, the teacher wasn't straight forward and the grades were sporatic.

But of course. Jon still got an A. And got a 4.0 again! Jon has gotten straight A's for an entire year now (except for a teeny tiny A- but that doesn't count).

A while back we were talking to a friend of ours who is a doctor about Jon's grades and the potential of medical school. Our friend said very non-chalantly, "just get straight A's from here on out. You can do that right?" As if it were no big deal. Jon and I walked away from that conversation a little stunned, but that is exactly what Jon did. I am just so proud of him, he has really grown as a student and is using the gifts God gave him.

I was happy get all A's and A-'s, I am excited to go on to more school.

Besides the grades, the best part of the end of the semester was graduation. We were so thankful that Mom and Dad Van Wickle came, Aunt Nancy, Aunt Ruth, and Kathleen, Mom and Dad Tate, Grandma Clara, and my sister Amy. It was so much fun to see everyone and catch up. There was a lot of sitting, clapping and waiting, but I loved every minute of it and was so thankful we had such great cheerleaders.

We all enjoyed a delicious dinner at Brick Oven, and James and Jessica were able to join us. It was a perfect day- the weather cooperated, the graduation speaker was inspirational, and it really felt like a real accomplishment. The next day of convocations was especially enjoyable to me- I loved cheering for my classmates and seeing my professors in their doctorate robes.

Saturday evening my cousin Melanie and I hosted a bridal shower for Jessica. Unfortunately I had gotten sick that weekend- I think the stress of everything finally caught up to me. I had planned on taking tons of cute pictures and posting them, but instead I felt miserable lying upstairs and listened to all of the festivities going on. I felt horrible, but I was happy to hear how well things were going and to see the pictures later. My mom is a natural host, she easily took over for me and made the party fun.

I got to make Jessica's shower invitations, and I was really happy with how they turned out. I love her color choices of black and white with lime green. (sorry that there are two in one picture, you can click on them to see it bigger)

It was definitely a successful weekend and graduation.

We are already through our first week of spring term. Jon is studying his brains out for a super intimidating class he has, and I am loving my creative and easy courses. I will definitely post some of the projects I do for the classes!

Spring is here! (Even if Utah doesn't seem to know it yet)

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T-Ray said...

How fun to have your family there! Oh and the invitations look awesome! Fun times for you and your family!