Sunday, April 11, 2010

This week was packed full of projects, assignments, and prep for finals week. We only have two more days of classes, then reading days, and then finals. I am not especially worried about finals but I have many assignments due over the next few days. Things are starting to come together and I am feeling pretty confident about this next week. Jon and I are excited to be done!

This past week I was able to participate in the Mary Lou Fulton poster conference for the college of family, home and social sciences. It is basically a conference where all the various majors make posters for research they have conducted, to share it with people in the department and other students. Dr. Yorgason told me about this about 3 days before the poster was due. We don't have any results yet for our research, but I figured it would be a good opportunity nonetheless.

This is what the ballroom looked like, ready for the conference:

This is my faculty mentor and professor, Dr. Yorgason.

This is the poster I ended up making, I am pretty happy with how it turned out:

It was a fun event, we got served lunch and to talk to many people about their various research projects. There was everything from studying ADD in monkeys, to dating patterns of BYU students, and cultural meanings of surfing. It was really interesting and fun to see everything that BYU students and professors are doing.

This weekend I got to go with my soon to be sister-in-law Jessica to pick out her flowers! It was so much fun. The floral shop was adorable:

Jessica had many choices to make but she was really decisive with good taste, I was glad I was there to be a part of it. So many flowers to choose from!

We also managed to find the perfect bridesmaid dresses for the wedding. They are super cute, I am really excited I get to keep one haha.

Jon got to watch five surgeries for six and a half hours on Friday. He loooooved it. He likes to explain everything to me, and gets really excited about the surgeries they conducted. I am so glad he has this opportunity to learn more about his field.
I would post pictures... but ... you know. Just kidding, no pictures in the surgery room allowed!!

Wish us luck for finals! We can't wait to see our families in just a week and a half! The weather is so nice right now, I hope it stays that way. Happy spring everyone!

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T-Ray said...

Flowers are so fun. That is great that you get to help and be a part of the wedding.
Oh... and your poster looks great. :o)