Friday, July 23, 2010

Hawaii Day 5: Kona, Hawaii

Be honest, are you sick of hearing about our vacation yet?
Its OK if you are, I am getting kind of sick of writing about it. But I know I will love that I did this ten years from now. I'll try to keep it simple folks- with lots of pictures.

In Kona we finally got our beach day- Jon and I headed out extra early to be sure we had enough time to enjoy the beach.

It was a black sand beach, it was nice because it had waves far off to the right, and a breakwater that made it ideal for snorkeling to the left.

Jon rented a surf board which ended up being lightly used. We are glad we got it through, we were able to go further into the water for snorkeling. And Joe was able to use it for a little while as well.

The snorkeling at this beach was great! So many beautiful fish. I am glad we bought an underwater camera, it made for a really fun beach day.

Under water kiss.

This was the coolest fish we came across on our entire vacation...

(love you mom!)

Since this was just a beach day I didn't take a ton of photos. But it was still super fun, and well needed. We all got just enough sun to keep us crispy, but not get terrible burns.

We had to be on the boat fairly early most days, but for those of you who don't know, cruise boats are not boring. During our trip we were able to see a Polynesian dance show, a magician, a hilarious comedian, and a fantastic singing group. Different nights had different entertainers, and most of them did not disappoint. We also enjoyed a lot of hot tubbing, eating (of course), and just hanging out. I didn't take as many pictures around the boat, but it was seriously fun to hang out after our beach day was over.

Tomorrow, my favorite island from the whole trip, Kauai!

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