Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hawaii Day 2: Maui

We were in Maui on a Sunday, so we took it fairly easy. We went to church in the morning, it was so nice to worship with the local Hawaiians. I think they are used to tourists being there, and I think I recognized a few people from the cruise boat. I have to wonder how many tourists they get each week.

After church, coming back to the boat:

We decided to lie out and read for a bit until we knew what was coming next. It was so relaxing. Jon finished the second Hunger Game book, Catching Fire, and I finished book number five of Percy Jackson, completing the series (which was fantastic, by the way).

Mom, Dad, Amy, Jon and I decided to drive part of the Road to Hana. It was a beautiful drive, and we had a book with us indicating what certain beaches were and what stops were fun. We decided to make a stop at a place they said had a short hike and pretty water falls. I am so glad we ended up taking this stop, it was one of my favorite things on the trip.

Jon hiking the beautiful trail.

My favorite picture of mom and dad from the entire trip, they're so adventurous!

The vegetation, ponds and sites on this hike were seriously beautiful.

Amy and Jon walking across the path, unfortunately the same one my dad tried to jump across and fell into the water- in his church clothes. Oops! This hike was a little more intense than we initially realized.

You even had to walk knee-high in water to get to the falls at the end (go mom!)

But it ended up being totally worth it...

Lovely Amy took pictures and videos while Jon and I tried out the rope swing. I wasn't very good at it but it was fun! There were also crazy boys jumping from the top of the falls... we decided we were ok without that much adventure.


Jon and I.

What it is like to drive the Hana Highway...
it was short lived after the falls. It started turning a lot, and making us a little car sick.

So we got out, took some pictures of the beautiful road, and turned around.

We ended the day in my parent's cabin comparing photos with the other siblings who had gone elsewhere that day.

Tomorrow, Maui part 2!

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T-Ray said...

This is awesome, I almost feel like I went with you. ;o)
How fun. P.S. Your mom is looking great!