Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hawaii Day 3: Maui

For our second day on Maui, Amy set us up with a great discount on a submarine tour! A big thank you to her friends from making that happen- I am totally glad we got to do it.

The place where we went to start the sub ride was actually the same city on Maui that I was in when I first went to Hawaii, the city of Lahina. It was so fun to recognize parts of the island and feel like I knew my way around town a little bit.

There is this fantastic Banyan tree in the center of town that is ideal for pictures. We had fun waiting for our time to go on the sub.

This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. I love these boys.

The girls! What a good looking group.

After our fun at the tree we hopped on a little boat and headed to the middle of the ocean. Maui looked beautiful from the ocean.

We got to watch the sub come up with the last group that was on it. This was one of the coolest parts of the entire experience with the sub- it was so stealth-like and so fast.

We then boarded the sub, which looked pretty cool inside.

And watched the show- fishies, ship wrecks, and more fishies. We got down to about 107 feet- further than divers usually go. The tour guide had all the couples kiss and told us that would be the deepest kiss we would ever have. Corny, but I can't deny that logic.

The sub ride was a great activity to do with the whole family. And since no one had done this before it was completely novel, which was really great for our group.

We had to get back to the ship a little earlier than normal this day, so after stopping for lunch we went back to the ship and enjoyed some entertainment and relaxation.

Next: Hilo, Hawaii.


T-Ray said...

When my family went to Hawaii, we did a Submarine tour too! Ours was the yellow submarine though (yep we sang the song while on it). It was way fun though. Glad you got to go!

jamie hixon said...

So fun. I was going to say what Tracy said, except to add that the guide kept interrupting himself to scream "Shark on the right!" Or "Shark on the left!" every time he saw a shark.
I love the pictures of the girls and boys. Your family is so fun.