Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hawaii Day 6 and 7: Kauai

Kauai was our favorite island, perhaps because we got to see so much of it. It is more rural than the other islands and is incredibly lush.

This was the only island where we did an excursion- it was a half-day full of kayaking, hiking, and swimming. Amy, Dad, Jon and I all went on the same excursion while the rest of the group headed for the beach.

To start out we kayaked up the river about one or two miles. It was leisurely and beautiful. The tour guides pointed out some movie sites along the way, and told us some history about the island.

We then "parked" our kayaks and hiked to the falls. We could swim around in this pool, climb part way up the falls and jump. The falls were incredibly powerful, it was kind of scary to be under them.

We then hiked back, to the van. It was neat because the property we were on for this section of the hike and the falls is owned by the owner of AOL. The land was private, and felt untouched (besides the trails we were hiking on)

Remember how I said Kauai was very rural? There were chickens and roosters everywhere! Apparently they had a hurricane a couple of years ago that spread them all around the island and they can't be contained. It was weird to be on the beach or driving the car and randomly hearing a rooster crow.

After we got back from our excursion everyone told us they had been to an excellent beach. Jon and I were eager to get some more beach time, so those of us who had gone on the excursion, as well as mom, headed to Poipu beach.

Sunset was so beautiful:

There was good snorkeling, we saw a sea lion lying out in the sun and even found a big sea turtle rolling around in the surf. It was totally what you imagine a Hawaiian beach to look like.

We had a ton of activity that day and knew we only had a half day on the island on the second day.

We kept it simple and enjoyed a beach there within walking distance and did some shopping around town. It was rainy but the water was warmer than the rain, so it was nice to play around.

Once we got back on the boat we enjoyed one last show and a dinner with the family. It had been a picture perfect vacation, and it was soo nice to spend so much time with my siblings and parents. I know my parents arrange vacations like this so that we can make lasting memories. They are so generous to care so much about us and provide such amazing vacations. They truly succeeded this time around- it was so much fun and I love all of them so much!

And that sums up our Hawaii vacation.


Shurtliff Family said...

Hey Rachel and Jon, this is Vance! I was so excited to see your blog and that you are doing so well. Hawaii!!! That is so great! I was curious to where you are anymore and what you're up to. If you get time I would love to hear from you at

Natalie and Mark said...

Rach we need to go on a cruise togeher! Someday....