Thursday, September 3, 2009

Nouns and books and show and tell: Back to school

Fall term has started. The first day of Jon and my senior year. Here is a brief list of random thoughts we have had thus far...

1. 400 level teachers have convinced themselves that 400 classes are hard, and like to tell their students that their classes are hard. Isn't that what 200 and 300 level classes prepared us for?

2. Jon and I have 2 classes together. It is fun, and kind of sweet. I think we will be less competitive this time around.

3. It is weird for campus to be so full of people. We used to think we had campus all to ourselves. We are cattle again, elbowing our way through the halls.

4. We like our professors. Having some great professors really makes a difference.

5. I am questioning grad school. Now that I should be applying. It doesn't feel quite right anymore. Sigh. I wish future me would tell me what to do.

6. Jon and I have some good goals set up for this semester. They will remain a mystery until we accomplish something, then I will be willing to share.

7. When did we ever get homework done? Vacation made me forget how this works.

8. We like BYU. We like our majors.

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T-Ray said...

Wow! Your almost done! Good work. It is good that you enjoy school, have fun with it before you go and work for the man. :o)