Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jon had his first day volunteering at the Emergency Room at the Intermountain hospital, (finally, but we are not complaining) and he loved it! He got to put together people's charts, put their security bracelets on, get wheelchairs and blankets for people, and take them into back rooms to meet the doctor. It is definitely busy on a Saturday evening, so he got to see a variety of people. From people in handcuffs to little kids, you get it all in the ER.

This morning I ran five miles with my good friend Melissa, and have officially signed myself up for a half marathon. Many people at work are joining in, and I am pretty excited. 6 weeks of training left, it will be on Halloween. People are invited to wear costumes, so I figure it will be the most entertaining half marathon around town. It is also an "easy' course since it is almost all downhill or flat- we go from Sundance down to the Riverwood shopping malls in Provo. I am also expecting it to be a beautiful run. Hooray!

So Jon and I are staying busy and productive. We have lots of good goals this semester, we can't wait to let you know how it all goes!


Melissa said...

I'm so glad you're finally officially registered!! :) :) I'm excited to put together some kind of costumes... haha

Courtney said...

A marathon! That is awesome! I'll be sure to come so I can get pictures of all the costumes! ;)

T-Ray said...

Half marathon? You go girl! I have only done a 5k and that was good for me. ha ha... sounds like life is good for you guys. I'm glad.

jamie hixon said...

Say hi to Robert Redford... ;-)

Joy said...

Hey Jon!
Wow...first day volunteering at the Emergency Room! I am sure you
were awesome! Keep up the good work....I am so proud of you!!