Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Special Thanks

Despite the current economic situation going on in our country, as well as health care, war and other policy problems- I would like to express a certain thank you to our government.

When you are declared an independent, in college, and poor enough you qualify for government pell grants. Jon and my education were paid in full this year by government pell grants, and we truly cannot be more grateful. They make getting through school and working at low pay possible for us. I have many married friends who are in the same situation as us. It seems like we should say more "thank yous", we really are blessed.

Also a special thank you to Santa Barbara Scholarship for giving Jon living expenses, as well as the government SMART grant for science majors.

Sometimes it just seems like when we do our checkbook we come out even every month. But luckily we have been able to putting away savings, and live beyond groceries and rent. Sometimes it is easy to forget why that is, and what makes life comfortable. So I would like to be sure that I express my gratitude for all types of scholarships and aid for students.


Brandon and Bethany said...

I will add my amen to that. It seemed like every month we should have been out of money, but we weren't. Thanks you to the church for having such low tuition and fees too.

Nicholette said...

That's sweet! Being married and going to school is definately cheaper, pell grants rock!