Sunday, September 27, 2009

I wish...

that I had important things to say. Life has been pretty routine, but luckily, we consider that a happy happy thing.

Jon and I made a goal to go to the temple every week this month. I can successfully state that we dressed up and WENT to the temple 4 times, though we only participated in the ordinances twice. One of the times we had lost a lot of time trying to get our temple clothes, and the other (yesterday) it was closing early. Either way, it has been an inspiring goal, and we have learned a lot from our attempts, and our times that we have been able to participate.

Yesterday Jon and I were both successful in our newest goals. At 8am I picked up three of my friends and we went up Provo canyon for a run. We went from Bridal Veil falls down to the base of Provo canyon (where it splits, to Orem or Provo). We were told it was going to be 8 miles total, so we planned on having someone to pick us up at the bottom. It was SO beautiful! The leaves were changing colors, the sky was clear, there was a crisp fall feeling in the air- it made for a really inspirational run. By the time we got to the bottom it was clear that it had not been 8 miles! So we decided to turn around and run back up. Yikes, a little uphill, and against the wind made it tougher than we expected. However, we all finished successfully! Melissa and my goal was 6 miles, but we completed about 7.5. We were all happy with how we did.

Jon had another shift at the emergency room and got to deal with some cranky people. Jon is very good with difficult people, since his feathers don't get ruffled very easily. He also witnessed the wide variation of people you get in the ER- those with real problems, and those with minor problems that they consider more serious than the people dying in pain who got there after them, but still get to go in first. Ahh, to be a young volunteer with no authority, attempting to appease such people. I have all the confidence in Jon that he did well, and I am proud of him. Jon gets a whopping $4.50 to use for food for every shift he works, so he will sometimes pick us up beverages or treats. It is very cute, to have him pick things out for the two of us. (You can tell we don't buy things like that very often... haha)

Well, today we have done 5 loads of laundry. I am pretty sure that sums up my day- along with church, a delicious dinner of parmesan chicken and pasta, and baking cookies. I have limited myself to only baking once a week... so those cookies were awesome.

Now Jon is waving his arms around trying to explain to me how "senovial joints" work. So I am going to go pretend I understand. And eat a cookie. Good night all- enjoy this upcoming week!


T-Ray said...

I hear ya with life just being routine. That is how I feel right now. But you guys are great and even if things are not exciting, you have each other! :o)

Nicholette said...

good job on the run!