Thursday, September 10, 2009

Computer Help

If any of my Santa Barbara readers ever have any computer problems, I am happy to say that my very own computer specialist is opening herself up to freelance work. My sister Amy is an IT specialist, and knows her way around all types of computer problems- small and big. She has been a necessary help for me and my lap top, and my family always takes advantage of her knowledge. Bottom line: she seriously knows her stuff!

So if you have a computer problem, feel free to contact her. She will be happy to give you estimates on cost, and will definitely charge less than other companies.

She was also kind enough to let me design her business cards, and send her about a bazillion drafts until we got the final one done. You can find her contact information on the image below!


Brandon and Bethany said...


jamie hixon said...

Nice design! I don't live in SB and my husband is a computer guy... but I will recommend her to anyone from SB that asks!

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