Monday, August 2, 2010

Continuing the Job Hunt

Not much has changed since we have been home from our fantastic Hawaii trip. We are continuing the job search and have found some possible leads. Jon is working incredibly hard to find a job and I am proud of him.

He does have an interview this Monday, which is great news! It is not full time but it is a good opportunity and it seems like it would be very enjoyable. Also, interviewing is always good practice, even if the job doesn't work out.

We are getting anxious to start our new life in Loma Linda, but for the time being we are enjoying Goleta. It is so beautiful at this time of year, especially once the early-morning fog burns off.

This past weekend my mom and dad invited Jon, Amy and her friend Mike, and myself on their annual bike ride. They typically do this trip on their anniversary but decided to do it this weekend, inviting all of us. We drove to Carpinteria and rode our bikes a little over 12 miles to Ventura. The ride was nice and flat and right next to the beach. We had lunch in Ventura, wandered around the shops and even spotted some dolphins swimming near shore. Then we hopped back on our bikes and rode back to the car, totaling 25 miles total. It is probably one of my favorite things that we have done since being home.

This week we have enjoyed cooking for our families, continuing some good books and praying for more job opportunities.

Jon and I will go down to Loma Linda this Saturday or Sunday in order to attend church in the ward we plan to be in. Jon will have his interview on Monday and we will also start looking at possible places to live. We also hope to talk to people about jobs while are down there- there is something different about handing someone your resume as opposed to emailing it to them.

Anyway, wish us luck! We are looking forward to the changes that are coming. I will try to do better with my blogging :)

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