Sunday, August 29, 2010

Power of Prayer

As we've gone through this recent move one main thought has occurred to me over and over again. Mainly, that it took many small miracles to get us where we are right now. Those small miracles were direct answers to our prayers and have been tender mercies of the Lord.

Today as I pondered what I was going to write about, it felt very clear what I should share- first, as a record for myself, and second as a testament to others. The power of prayer is real. It can change, influence, and improve our lives.

Here is a small prayer journal- some things small, some big, that have occurred in the last few months, weeks and days.

Prayer #1: Please help us appreciate our time at home and make the best of it.

I was so concerned about moving home- I was afraid that we would become bad company too quickly, our families would tire of us or we would tire of them, that there would be conflict or concern where there shouldn't be. I thought that Jon and I would get lost trying to balance two loving families at the same time.

What I discovered was that being home at this point in our lives was a gift from our Heavenly Father. It came into my mind that this opportunity may never come again, especially not at the same time that Jon's brothers were home for the summer. Jon and I grew closer to each other's families, we understood each other better, and we created a strong foundation for our future relationships. My mom mentioned that she always thought I left home too early- being only 17 when I left for college. She thought this time at home made up for that loss.

Prayer = Answered

Prayer #2: Please help us find a job.

This one has been difficult and still is difficult. But Jon has found a job, and while it is part time we are so incredibly grateful for this opportunity. It has been a humbling experience and has taught us to rely more fully in God.

Prayer = Answered

Prayer #3: Please help us find a place to live.

Jon and I went apartment hunting a few weeks ago. It took all day, was incredibly hot, and it became very tiring. All of the apartments we looked at seemed to mush together and it didn't seem there was anything that was terrible, but there also wasn't anything great.

The next day Jon went to an all day employment workshop and I was going to continue apartment hunting on my own. I don't know why, but I was really nervous about this. I felt I seemed vulnerable, people wouldn't take me as seriously on my own or I wouldn't know the right questions to ask. I popped in a CD of hymns as I drove around looking- it calmed my nerves and I felt as though the Savior himself was nearby as I searched for a home for us.

Of course, we found an apartment we are very happy with. It took a lot of paper work, a lot more prayers, and we were crossing our fingers that Jon would get the job so that we could also get our apartment. It worked out perfectly, and in a timely manner.

Prayer = Answered

Prayer #4: Please help us find a way to furnish our apartment without spending all of our savings.

The answer to this prayer comes in many parts.

A. We were able to sell our furniture in Utah due to a small miracle- we planned on reusing that money for our new furniture.

B. I searched craigslist endlessly, and felt guided to not to respond to reasonable ads, and to take a certain interest in some that I may not have due to the influence of the spirit.

C. I saw an ad for some couches that looked decent, upon arrival the man selling them asked what we felt comfortable paying, I offered the price that we had gotten for our furniture in Utah. He offered us $50 less. It was a blessing.

D. We needed a bed but were not finding anything that was working out, and one of our offers fell through. The day of our move we found a bed that we could buy at the very same price that we had sold ours.

We came out even with the furniture we sold and bought.

Prayer = Answered

These things may seem small, or maybe coincidental rather than small miracles, but to us they are very very real.

We have done our best to establish our relationship on good principles and making our home a place that reflected those principles has been very important to me. We are ready for our new start and our new way of life.

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Katie H. said...

And the furniture you sold was a little miracle for a cute little newlywed couple I know in Provo...funny how that works, isn't it? Our prayers are answered, and they are answered by answering someone else's prayer...