Sunday, August 29, 2010

Moving Moving Moving

Here are some pictures from our recent moving adventures- I know there are some anxious family members out there who want to know how things are going. We are not totally moved in yet, but some rooms are getting settled into. We have some small additions to add here and there, but you will get the gist of things. So here you go!

Jon and Dad were fantastic movers! All of our belongings in a 10 foot truck... (minus a box or two unknowingly left at home, oops!)

This is our little kitchen [dishwasher not shown], I love it already.

This is the start of us organizing the closet. We bought 80 hangers and are still in need of more- luckily there is a lot more space for us to utilize.

One side of our living room.... please note the cute shelves Jon put up. It took a few tries and patches, and was originally very discouraging, but now we are so glad we have them up. We will be adding some color to this beige room, it looks a little bare right now.

Other side of our living room- I love this mantel and fireplace. And the temple picture looks so good up there! Once we get our missing box I will put a wedding picture or two on that mantel. (PS we made those name blocks, we are pretty proud of them)

This is our ikea desk that we bought and put together. We think it is pretty fantastic. It is currently in our bedroom and that seems to be just the spot for it. It is a nice big size (to us) and will be perfect for studying.

Well, thats all that is finished at the moment. More pictures to come later, and hopefully updates of small improvements along the way.

Thanks for taking our tour. Hope you enjoyed it!


T-Ray said...

Its so cute! Love the new place!

doublejtate said...

it looks sooo cozy! Love it!!! I can't wait to see it in person!

Natalie and Mark said...

I like it! Good luck unpacking. Hopefully we can play on the beach next week!

Melissa F said...

It looks great!! I'm glad you love your new home. :)

jamie hixon said...

I think your place is more put together than ours, and we've been living here for longer than a year.
Good job with the letter blocks!