Monday, November 23, 2009

Where did November go?

Doesn't it feel like Halloween was two days ago? Or is it just me? Tomorrow we have classes and then it is Thanksgiving break! Hooray! We'll be staying in town and missing our families, but happy to have some time off.

Anyway, I thought you all might like to see how those T-shirts I designed turned out. They decided on some different coloring options so the design looks different than intended, but I am still happy with it. Best part? They let me get one for Jon too, even though he isn't part of the club.
Now Jon and I can ride around on our bikes in matching shirts and spandex... oh wait no... those are my parents.

Also, I have been working away on applications the past couple of weeks. My first application is due December 1st (the info that gets mailed in has another month, however). Here are the folders I put together for the people I am asking letters of recommendation from. They have the deadlines, an academic resume, my personal statement, and all the information for the schools I am applying to and what they require.

I am excited that things are coming along and getting accomplished.

I hope you all have a happy thanksgiving!


Melissa said...

your folders are such happy colors! :) i can't believe november is already gone...but that just means Christmas is only a month away! i hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

T-Ray said...

Love the shirt. You are too cute. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.