Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mid Semester

Wow, we are already half way through this semester! It is going by quickly, it is really surprising.

Next week is looking extra crazy, I am taking the GRE on Tuesday (so long as my ID and name change difference work out), running my half marathon on Saturday, and it feels like I have something due in every class. There is really nothing I love more than the look of a full planner:

Jon also has plenty of assignments and midterms this week. It is nice to have on-campus jobs when school is our #1 priority, they tend to be flexible with our schedules when we need time off. Thank goodness!

Fall is beautiful here, it is getting colder, but the trees changing color are worth the temperature change. Along with spring, I think it has been my favorite season in Utah.

Anyway- we might be a little slim on blogging this week. But we wish you all a wonderful week!

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T-Ray said...

being busy is a good thing, just make sure you get some rest too. :o) Good luck with everything