Monday, October 19, 2009

Salt Lake City

Oh so many things to blog about, and yet so little time! We have been happy to have visits and love from so many family members recently.

Here is a quick re-cap of the past week.

Auntie Ruthie and Kathleen came to Provo for a work conference, and we all went out to dinner at Carrabbas. So yummy! All of their food is made fresh, everything from the noodles, to sauce and even the dressings. It was so nice to have their company and catch up.
On Tuesday we went to Salt Lake and met them at the temple. Jon, Kathleen and I had never been through the SLC temple before, it is a little different from the others, but very very beautiful! The details inside were amazing, it felt like a history tour as you went through it. The pioneer's labor of love of building the SLC temple took 50 years! It was a wonderful evening.

This weekend my cousin Brian got married to Christy, and the entire family came to celebrate. It was such a beautiful event, and it was so nice to see my side of the family. Considering we usually have to settle for only getting together at Christmas, this was a real treat.

At the luncheon. Grandma, Amy, Jon and I.

All the siblings!

Jon and I couldn't make it to the reception, but definitely enjoyed the time we did have with our family.

Today we were happily surprised to get a halloween package from mom Van Wickle! Seriously, we get like little kids when we receive these packages, they are the best! Here is Jon opening it up:

We sure do love our families, thanks for all the love and visits! It is wonderful motivation to keep us busy in school.


T-Ray said...

Yea for families! Where would we be without them!? I love your family.

heshaojie said...
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