Sunday, August 16, 2009

Boise and Seattle

Welcome to Idaho:

We stayed with Michelle and family who live on Sugarberry drive, which I just think is so cute.

Here are three good reasons to visit Idaho:



We had a wonderful stay with Michelle and David, I am so glad I have such nice family. I also really enojyed driving through Idaho, it is a beautiful place. I find it very peaceful.

I will also note that we have been eating way better than we have at home! Lasagna, home made bread and french toast, home made raspberry jam, and other yummy things. Life is good on the road when you have family to stay with.

Our drive to Seattle was easy going, we made great time and ended up getting into town a lot sooner than we expected. Our drive into Seattle was beautiful:

We went ahead and met up with Kaitlin in the city, she showed us around the adorable Seattle Pacific campus. We walked by the canal, walked over the Freemont bridge, and checkout the notorious statue of Lenin and a big troll that lives under the bridge. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me, but we look forward to meeting up with Kaitling again on Monday!

So far it has been a fantastic trip. It is nice to have a lazy Sunday, and have loved staying with the Toborgs.

Life is good in Seattle on a Sunday.

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RobAar said...

Yay for you! Melissa and I are so bored without you, Rachel. We were pretty darn excited to see you've already posted the happenings of your trip. Have fun and just know you aren't missing much here. Education week = lots of bustling around on campus, but a vacant library.